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    After Foundation Program

    I've started exercising for the first time in about 6 years. I'm currently doing the Foundation program and I'm keeping up okay, but still can't do a push up to save my life. I'm wondering if, after I finish the Foundation, I should move on to another program like 30 Days of Cardio Blast or go back and redo Foundation with the level 2 reps. Any suggestions or advice would be super helpful!

    Obviously, you can do whatever your heart desires...However, What I might suggest is to look at what you want to concentrate on, be it cardio or a particular skill set/body area you want to develop...If you wanted to do a cardio program but like you say can't do a pushup (and m,maybe wanted to develop that) you can always throw in exercises from the Office Pushup program and do wall pushups to start developing UBS and then in a month or so, start another program that incorporates regular pushups more. Mix and match until you find (or make) a program that suits you and your needs.


      Check out the challenges and singular workouts as well as the programs. As already stated there's Office Push Ups & Office Push Ups II to look at and work on.

      Athena's Playbook program doesn't have push ups in so you could, in theory, go through that program as well as slowly build up your push up capability at your own pace.


        gif if you are struggling with push ups then doing a little extra practice isn't going to hurt and there are always regressions to get you there eventually.

        I struggled for year with push ups. I still do somewhat but can now manage about 25-30 before failure. I did about 3 when I started Darebee.


        Push ups on your knees
        Pros - takes a lot of weight off your arms
        Cons - alters the angle the push up is done at so it's a bit harder to get to correct form later on.

        Wall push up
        Pros - the easiest of them all as moving your legs further from the wall alters the angle and amount of effort required.
        Cons - none really

        Stairs or step block push ups
        Pros - The step raises you up taking some of the weight off your arms so making it easier, you also can keep the correct form so as you reduce the number of steps or height of the block the exercise gets easier.
        Cons - You need to avoid face planting the steps or stairs.

        Regards selecting another programme, you can select any you want or repeat Foundation as you suggest at a higher level. You could try going for level 3 to push yourself further. 30 Days of Gravity really improved my push up ability but then again so did losing 60 lbs in weight. Full Circuit is quite taxing but rewarding.

        The other option to look at is what I did for a while and that was selecting level 2 workouts from the workout directory and mix them up across categories, give yourself a couple of cardio/high burn, upper and lower body strength, maybe a HIIT and a stretching/core one.


          To gain some strength you may do this


            gif ... I can't believe in 10 days, nobody has said "welcome to The Hive, the social side of DareBee". My apologies.

            There are a great many versions of "push-ups". If not specified, you do the best you can.
            That may have you pushing yourself back from a wall or going from a handstand.
            The idea is to do your best.
            The idea behind the Foundation Program is to work every muscle in your body a bit so you can figure where you need more work and to prep you for what you decide will come later.
            So ... maybe you will want to go through the program again, just to be sure your "pushups" are up to snuff by your standards.

            We can't see what you are trying to get away with. It isn't up to us to judge your efforts. It's an honor system, YOU get to judge what your 'best' is.