Getting over it and back to exercise

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    Getting over it and back to exercise

    (Go to the end for the question, if you don't care about all the rest)

    Hi folks, it's been a LONG time. I have stopped working out about a year ago, and now's the time to get back into some healthy habits. I worked out for many years at mid-level darebee workouts and programs, then for about a year I did some basic weightlifting in the Starting Strength format. I loved it, mostly the squat and deadlifts (barbell) which went up and up and I loved doing those, but I struggled as fuck with bench presses and overhead presses and as a result I hated those. Another thing I loved doing was heavy (for my level) dumbell farmer's walks. I might do some of these few basic exercises in the future (because they are so great), but not now. Actually I never had in mind to go up endlessly in the weights I lifted (as is very often the goal in these programs), I just liked to challenge myself without having to plan everything and count every last cal.

    But enough bullshit! I have stopped working out for a pretty long while, mostly because I am more interested in reading and thinking and learning about history, sociology, economics, politics, IR, and socialism, than taking the time to go out and work out and so on.

    Now for my health wellness happiness I need to start over with all the healthy eating and moving.
    i have a stationary bike and pull up bar at home and there is also a nice gym at my university.
    i think I'll get started with some cardio so that I don't have to make plans and so on
    (I'll probably try some pushups and pullups also but I have struggled with these for many years, and it's harder now with my weight)

    now my question for y'all: I want to do some yoga at home on my own (if possible), because it's like the Holy Grail of overall wellness.

    how do you think I should get started with yoga?

    Welcome back...

    Youtube: Yoga with Adriene- 30days of yoga challenge

    That was, what got me into yoga, ...


      Welcome back! I second what HellYeah said about YWA. I started with her Yoga Camp series and was hooked.


        Adriene is hereby thirded. Her videos (both Yoga Camp and the 30 days challenge) are a great place to start and I really like her manner of teaching.


          Welcome back and good luck. No clue about the yoga, alas.