So... what should I do next? and also got some questions about my routine

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    So... what should I do next? and also got some questions about my routine


    Thank you for entering my thread, you are a brave one indeed.

    My goal is to increase in strength, while 3 sub goals are to gain muscle mass, muscle definition, and to keep exercising everyday and not get lazy;

    I'm currently in day 22 of the Boxer Prime program, it's super hard I love it!
    In the past 2 months I've done Combat HIIT > Strength Protocol > Boxer Prime ( Not done yet );

    Combat HIIT was easy but fun since the difficulty kinda scales to my effort, Strength Protocol was o.k not as hard as I expect or hoped, Boxer Prime is hard and great;
    To be honest, It kinda feels like I haven't gained much muscle mass or definition since I started.

    My target from the beginning was to do Boxer Prime and now that I can see the end I'm not sure what I should do after that.

    My questions:

    What's next

    1. The biggest question is what's next? how to I up the challenge for me after Boxer Prime?

    2. I figured I could try to take my favorite parts of Boxer Prime - the Power, Abs, Speed workouts, rotate them in a 3 day rotation and each time make it harder and harder - but is it healthy? Will it serve my goal best?;
    Or maybe I should just take the whole last week of Boxer Prime and rotate that while making it harder somehow after each rotation, might be more balanced than just 3 I picked?

    3. Is there anything harder than Boxer Prime for me to do? I like the structured programs but from what I've seen there isn't.

    4. Could I add more workouts on top of it? Like doing Boxer Prime in the morning and another program in the night? ( I don't have much time in the morning to wait 45 min after waking up and then do 2 workouts)

    5. because of time constraints I can't do the 7 sets [Level 3], it would just take too long, can I cut rest time even in workouts that aren't EC for no rest? Like Abs, Power, and Technique and what about minimum time I have to wait after waking up and eating before i can train, your article in the Nutrition tab said between 30-60, but how can I tell weather to wait 30 60, I just settled on the middle 45 every day.

    Improving my routine

    6. I was worried I wasn't doing things right by the end of Strength Protocol since it felt like there was no change in strength, muscle mass or definition so instead of training right as I wake up I've been eating a banana and then after 45 min exercise - should I do something else to improve my gains?

    7. I've also bought 2KG Wrist/Anke Weights for each hand/leg, which are great thou uncomfortable - how can I use them most effectively? what about things I should avoid when using them?

    8. Isn't training with Wrist Weights on combat moves get me used to bad habits - or it should be fine? Maybe if I add to the 3 day rotation the Technique workout (Day 30 Boxer Prime) and that specificity not doing with the weights?

    9. How can I maximize strength gains, with muscle mass and muscle definition as a secondary focus?

    10. I'm worried I'll lose interest once I start repeating the same exrcise over and over again. any idea of how to keep things both more interesting and more challenging?

    11. What does it mean up to 2 minutes rest times? Can I rest 10 seconds? how will that affect my gains?

    Most important one

    12. Are you high-fiving yourselves enough for the fact your website is super awesome?

    I welcome any comments you want to leave! be as mean or as nice as you feel like today.

    Woah this is one big post dang!

    Sorry if my post isn't very helpful Carthus, just throwing my two cents.

    1. There are plenty of workouts out there that are level 5 in the workout section, you don't have to always do programs.

    2. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this, as long as you're not overtraining and hitting basically every muscle group AND progressively overloading I suppose it's fine.

    3.I don't think there is, the maybe be some in the works but who knows. Military Fit Plus is slightly easier from what I see but could still give you a challenge.

    4.Yes you can but it depends. I recommend you read a Darebee Team Member's post about it here.

    5. I suppose yes you can cut rest time. Just make sure to listen to your body, as for the last point. I think if you can, schedule your workouts so they don't interfere with your daily activities.

    6.Yes you really do need your pre and post workout nutrition if you want strength & muscle gains. Eat protein rich foods after your workout so you can further muscle protein synthesis. Or this could be another cause entirely (don't disregard pre and post workout foods though), Strength Protocol may have been too easy for you so you might've been stuck on a plateau.

    7. I've never used wrist and ankle weights before, so my answer is probably lackluster at best. Just use them for the right activities and be careful so you don't injure yourself.

    8.I don't really see any negative side effects provided you know your boundaries.

    9.Try doing tendon workouts like this and this and this. If you're using weights, lower the sets and up the reps and weight.

    10. Simple, just don't get bored. It's better if you stick to a fun workout plan for months then do a harder one for just a few weeks. You can incorporate challenges and your own twist on things. Like Bruce Lee once did, he would sometimes do a "speed day", in which he tried to do his reps as fast as possible to maximize explosive power.

    11. I don't recommend you rest for just 10 seconds as that could have negative effects. But every body functions differently so who knows. I think this article explains it better than I ever will:

    Anyways sorry for my lackluster reply, I tried.>x


      Thanks for that. I'll use all the information and link you provided to improve my gains!