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    Some questions about basics

    Hello everyone.
    Some might have seen any of my 4 other posts around (or not).

    I've known about Neilarey posters for a while (i'm talking YEARS; it was the Total abs one), and those led me back to Darebee.

    I have been doing a few workouts throughout january, and february.

    But I want to pick up a program.
    I think i'll go with "The Foundation"
    To get a wellrounded thing going, as well as finding out what my weakspots are.

    However, I have some questions, which i'll post with some of my thought process. Hopefully anybody willing, can give me some insight and advise.
    Apologies, if these are some standard questions already asked a few hundred times.

    1: Can you run Workouts ontop / with programs?
    I have some, more or less ''specific'' goals. This means that i'd like to keep doing some of the exercises I already started. Is this adviseable? The program explanation page states very much so that; They are balanced and made to be a certain way. I'd hate to overwork myself, or lower overall productivity and progress, by good but misplaced intentions and actions.

    2: Can you ''push an exercise a day forward''
    I have Sports on friday, and every other tuesday. (kungfu and airsoft respectively) which I don't want to skip. Neither would I want to hamper my program / fitness progress. Again in line with the ''programs were very much designed to be this way''.
    What about 2 days? I will at some point want to pick up kungfu training on Thursdays as well.
    Maybe I should do the exercises DESPITE having other phsycial activities that day?

    3: How important is sleep for progress or hampering it?
    You can imagine that if I ask if I can ''push days forward'' that i'm rather tight for time on specific days, leave early in the morning, come home, go to activity, return late. Then there's food and other daily things to attend to, before bed.
    If on question 2 the answer would be; Do the exercise, despite your daily physical activities and schedule, I could in theory wake up earlier and sleep less.
    I'm also a notoriously disfunctional sleeper in it's also general interest question as well.

    I've tried to be as concise as I could with question and context.
    Hopefully it's not too ''cold'' or too long winded despite it.

    If anything comes up in the discussion i'll update the orignial post with answers and other stuff!
    Thanks a ton in advance.

    Hi and welcome to the Hive!

    (1) Sure! It sounds like you're doing something more like one or two of the Challenges on top of the program and that's recommended for people who want to work on some specific thing or just aren't getting quite enough out of any day of the program. You will want to be aware if you are overworking yourself, but that's something only you can know.

    (2) I do this. I'm in martial arts three days a week (and I often take Saturday as a walking/rest day). So it takes me forever to finish a program, but I'm getting a lot of exercise on the martial arts days, so it's not a big deal as far as fitness progress goes.

    (3) I think it may be more important to get enough sleep than to get in the workout, but as someone with chronic insomnia I am not the best person to comment on this.


      I agree with everything Kanary has said.

      Someone who has absolutely no athletic conditioning base and/or who has significant physical limitations might find that just doing one DAREBEE program is plenty. But as it sounds like you're already doing some form of fitness training, you'll be fine to do a program as an add on.

      Re: skipping days: the programs are designed to be done daily, but since you're doing other things as well, it may make more sense to skip days. Right now, I am practising yoga every day, I'm running when I can (trying for 3 days/week, but this is not always possible in the winter), and I'm working through Age of Pandora. The AoP workouts are mostly pretty short, so some days I do multiple chapters. But other days I don't do AoP at all. Since my running on any given day is either nothing or 35 minutes of hard work, and my yoga can range anywhere from a 20 minute restorative practice to 60-75 minutes of physically challenging work, it makes sense for me to vary how much DAREBEE work I do on a given day too.

      Sleep is definitely important. I think it is important to do some form of physical exercise every day. But if you're asking "should I go to bed on time or stay up late to do a 2nd workout on top of my martial arts class?" I would definitely choose going to bed on time. Most adults in our modern societies are chronically short of sleep. There's even a tendency to wear sleep deprivation as a kind of badge of honour. But it's not good for us.


        Thank you both very much for your insight.

        I'll take from your advise that I should consider the programs less prescriptive, and add everything to fit as every day life will allow.

        You will want to be aware if you are overworking yourself, but that's something only you can know.
        Guess i'll have to be a bit mindful of this, and it will be a bit of a learning process. I'll err on the safe side. Because recovering from overdoing is going to be more costly than finding your tax on a bit of a larger time.

        Rainbow Dragon
        There's even a tendency to wear sleep deprivation as a kind of badge of honour. But it's not good for us.
        I fear I have to do it like this as well. It's more of a "black sort of humor" and fact of life thing. I'm just accepting of it being often the case. If anything i'm more likely to tell others they should get their rest, than I let myself do the same. No rest for the wicked and such.

        (and I often take Saturday as a walking/rest day)
        I'll definately keep in mind to take a day ''off'' or keep it light. For fear of burning out mentally.
        Thank you for your experiences, innsights and personal guide lines.