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    Help with nutrition plan needed !

    Hello, I am rather new to the whole counting calories and macros lifestyle and i would really appreciate some help
    I'm a 23yo male, 186cm (6.10236feet), 83.9kg(184.9678lbs) and based on, in order to lose weight, I should be eating around 133g protein; 69g fats; 155g carbs OR 177g protein; 79g fats; 88g carbs.
    What to eat, in what part of the day, in what quantities and why..... I find it extremely difficult to create a "diet" or better to say, a nutrition plan... It is just too overwhelming
    Can anybody please, help me out with that?

    Hello Welcome to Darebee. It is awesome..
    I may not be able to provide you with the answers that you need or want because I don't count macros nor calories. And I have made wonderful body composition progress changes still. I just wanted to provide some helpful encouragement to you that if you think it is difficult to change this way, then it might be wise to either do it slowly by changing one thing or change your eating in a different way.

    For example, when I was young I ate according to the food pyramid. So I counted my grains, and veggies and fruits and proteins, and stayed within the ranges. Now I base my eating on making sure I get around 80 grams of fiber a day on a low fat vegan diet. If I get my fiber in forms of vegetables and fruit and some grains, all the macros are taken care of, and I have a good amount of protein. I have been eating this way for so long now that I don't have to count anything and I just eat according to my appetite.

    I only share this because it is human nature to get overwhelmed with changes. And changing anything takes time. You are 23 which is still quite young so I would encourage you to adopt a sustainable healthy way of eating that you can stick to for life. Only your brain and body will be able to tell you what you should be eating and how much. Learn to listen to it. Eat lots of vegetables. Eat lots of greens. Get some whole fruit in you. Learn what healthy eating actually means by going to the library and doing research. And just know this takes years to figure out.

    Nutrition has been a hobby of mine since I was your age so it was natural for me to learn a bunch of stuff and I am only now reaping the benefits.

    Short answer, go slow, figure things out for yourself at your pace, and don't base everything on numbers.

    All of this stuff is supposed to be fun. If we make things fun, then we get healthy, happy and fit at the pace that is perfect for you, and then the changes stick.

    Happy training.


      there are also meal plans on here that give you lists of recommended food and formulas for each meal you might want to start with looking at some of those and seeing if any of them will work or you can use them to make your own meal plan.


        Maybe start by logging what your current diet/eating patterns are -- just to get a baseline -- for about a week or so. Then, review and identify areas you can tweak/improve gradually. For example, if you notice you're snacking heavily during a certain time of day spend one month focusing on improving that by snacking less or snacking healthier. Or alternatively focus on changing out one meal a day --- like breakfast --- with a healthier alternative and then just stick with that until you've got the habit built before tweaking something else.

        In my experience it's best to make little, gradual changes that stick rather than just jumping all in to a new diet / lifestyle. I started out trying to cook just two home-made meals a week, and now I'm regularly cooking at least five a week and I really enjoy it.


          133 g of protein? 177 g of protein?! Wowie wow, you must be made up entirely of muscle!

          All jokes aside; that website isn't giving you good advice.
          For one the protein goals are way too high. Protein is the most expensive out of all the macros (and also the most taxing on the climate) so eating substantially more than you need is just making things unnecessarily complicated.
          In truth you should be getting 96 - 128 g (88 - 117 g with the revised goal) of protein per day. And that's if you want to build muscle.

          Secondly setting firm goals for fat and carbs makes any diet you can come up with pretty limited and rigid, and coming up with it in the first place is pretty hard. As long as you get at least 50 g of carbs per day and at least around 80 g (73 g with the revised goal) of fat per day (both of which are pretty easy, don't worry about these unless you see in retrospect that you're not getting enough) you're fine.
          Your upper limit on how many carbs and fats to consume should be determined by your calorie intake.

          And what should your intake be?
          Well this depends a bit on how active you are and where you actually want to land weight-wise. For the normal calculations I've assumed you'll want to reach a BMI of 22, which would be 80 kg for you. But you're only 4 kg away from that and I don't know if it's just a bit of belly you want to tone down or you're more substantially interested in losing fat. The lowest you as a man should go is BMI 20, which would be 73 kg for you.
          Since you're so close already your daily deficit should not be too high.
          So to calculate your calorie goals I'd say you take your TDEE at goal weight (2270 kcal with the goal of 73, inactive; 2790 kcal with the goal of 73, active; 2360 kcal with the goal of 80, inactive; 2900 kcal with the goal of 80, active) and subtract 400 kcal (meaning 1870; 2390; 1960 or 2500 kcal respectively). This'll have you losing roughly 450 g a week without compromising muscle.

          The difference between inactive in this case is 10,000 steps or 7 km or one hour of workouts every day.

          So the action plan is as follows:
          1. Pick a goal weight and figure out if you're active or inactive.
          2. Tailor your meals to protein and calories only.
          3. After a week go back in your tracking app to reaffirm that you're getting enough fat and carbs.

          Now picking meals for this diet plan is highly individual. Personally I started by just eating what I'd normally eat, tracking it and then figuring out how to make it fit my diet. I've separated my day into three 500 kcal meals, you could do four 500 kcal meals, or three meals and two snacks, or other configurations depending on how you like it better.
          For the start I'd recommend getting a cheap, tasty protein shake so you always have something on hand to fill up on protein without overstepping the calories too much.

          For inspiration you can also always look at the recipe section and the darebee meal plans in general. Of course googling "400/500 kcal lunch" will likewise yield many results.

          Start simple, because you can always make this more complicated later.


            Thank you all for the help and motivation.
            Will do my best to follow the action plan, Neon, and hope to come back in a month or two with promising results.
            Love you all <3
            Stay healthy and see you soon