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    A Pain in the Neck

    Funny titles aside, I've had chronic neck and back pain for years now, and figure I should probably do something about it if I can. I did see a doctor about it at one point, but he asked if I read in bed (to which I answered yes) and says it's all because of that...stopped that, and still have the pain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I sprained my neck on a trampoline as a kid, and then as a teenager had my neck cracked by a wooden practice sword by an angry guy nearly twice my height -- mixing that with years of a desk job with most likely very poor posture...and it has added up to pain.

    I generally start off fine, but as I go throughout the day the pain gets more intense at the base of my neck and in the middle of my spine. Are there specific workouts etc I can do that'll help these areas? Will strengthening the muscles around them help? Anyone else with neck pains that have any suggestions?

    I have the same problem with neck and shoulder pain. At my job I sit for long periods in horribly non-ergonomic chairs and by the end of the day my neck and shoulders are throbbing with pain. Try Googling "stretches for neck and shoulder pain" and see what you can find and if the stretches help.


      Neck workout - also if you load the workout filter search for the words neck, back, shoulders, posture, there's other workouts that may be of use. Also Posture challenge may be relevant. Obviously if there is an old injury there go carefully at first, but its worth a try.


        droehr Yeah, I've had ergonomic chairs in the past, but I don't think they help if you sit in them in a non-ergonomic way, so that's probably had a big impact too

        crossthebreeze Thanks! I'll start the posture challenge and see how I go with it


          Seriously, i think this can't be anwsered by us. So many things can cause neck, back or shoulder pain. Wrong training, wrong chairs, wrong pillows, wrong mattresses, wrong overall posture and maybe you grind with your tees. I think the best option is to see another doctor if you still have pain.

          But still, things that might help:

          - daily stretching
          - don't sit too long periods of time
          - if you work at an office, check your workplace. Especially the monitor - chair position.
          - try another pillow


            SimonB Totally understand, thanks for your input anyway! Mostly want to try and move in the right direction for managing the pain/stopping it from getting any worse. Was researching mattresses earlier today as I reckon that could be one of the culprits as well. I have a doctors appointment set for a few months, possibly sooner, for a different matter, and will see how I go from now until then making the posture changes and doing the neck exercises.


              Have consider a visit to an osteopath? Are you actually in alignment?

              Just a thought as if you are compensating constantly, you will eventually get pain.


                Scott To be honest, I didn't even know there was such a thing! Just looked it up, and there are a few in my area to choose from. Wary about shelling out too much money, but once Mr BirdCat is working again I'll go check one out. Thanks!


                  I'd try a lot of the things suggested first but if you're not getting any relief then it's worth getting checked out.


                    Sorry to hear about your pain, ALBC! I too am in this unhappy club - slouching forwards at my screen is my main sin (I wasn't whacked in the neck with a sword! Yoiks!).

                    I've done a bit on my posture by raising my screen so it's at eye level and using a cusion to sit better in my chair - I have to sit forwards now with my feet resting squarely on the ground, and I'm more upright as a result.

                    My favourite yoga channel has a number of neck/shoulder/desk things that might help (and I'm sure you could find others if these aren't to your taste). I find them quite calming to do, in any case, and I think they are helping to give me more strength in my neck and shoulders. I'm not doing it at the moment - and I wish I was - but the best thing I ever did for my (overall) posture was tai qi, and if you can find a decent little tai qi or qi gong routine for necks and shoulders that might be worth exploring too - it's a different way of moving that is supposed to prioritise the "little muscles" that I can't quite explain myself. I guess, for yoga and tai chi, a real-life class would probably be better than a YouTube channel, and, of course, you should be careful with any spinal issue. You might want to post this in the Yoga thread in the Playground section too, as there are some people here who are quite expert and might have better advice (though the thread has been quiet for a while.)

                    Some of these are a bit general, perhaps, but there is some good stuff here, I think.

                    Good luck - and with Mr ALBC's job search and osteopathy!





                    EDIT: I have no idea how that smiley got in the middle of that link - it seems to work though!