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    Full Circuit Progression

    Hi. I'm just nearing the end of Full Circuit after a long time out of training. Looking to progress onwards towards Military Fit. Is this too much of a leap of is there another program that would be a better suited in between?

    There are no levels in this program - everything is time-based and you control the difficulty by increasing or decreasing your pace as you go from exercise to exercise
    The same program doing it a bit harder, maybe?

    Military Fit seems to be oriented more in strength than streamline, so looking the list of programs available here, from level 3 to 5, there are a bunch of them to choice!!
    3 - Age of Pandora, Hero's Journey, Fighter's Codex, Cardio Trim, 30 Days of Change, Combat HIIT, 30 Days of HIIT
    4 - Avatar Upgrade, Cardio Trim Run, 30 Days of HIIT Advanced
    5 - Boxer Prime, Power Cardio

    If I'm wrong and you're looking some for strength, then...
    3 - 30 Days of Strength, 30 Days of Gravity, Spartan Trials
    4 - Military Fit, Strength Protocol
    4.5 - Military Fit Plus,

    I hope it will come someone to give you a better advice



      Military Fit might be a big step up from Full Circuit go and chekout the Preview or just give it a try for a day or two.

      If you looking for a program to do beforehand mabey check out Combat HIIT

      ​​​​​​​I don't know if it will help but I made this back in 2017 so it is out of date but it's an overview at least. I should probably update it now.

      Full Circuit is a level 3 SfB program
      SfB = Suitable for beginners
      NfB = not for beginners

      Click image for larger version

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        Excellent advice! Thanks for that


          I've opted for 30 days of Gravity but I've also been doing some cardio in the gym as well as weights.


            I would also recommend 30 days of Gravity or Strength before Military Fit. Those two programs will give you a good solid example of what to expect out of the strength style programs here on Darebee and they will lay some good foundations for stepping into Military Fit afterwards if you would still like.

            That being said MF/+ was a blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It will challenge you quite well. If you are up to it I would say just jump in head first and it you end up doing it on level one with modifications then so be it. If not then take a step up approach with Gravity or Strength.