8 Pounds In 20 Days, Is This Good Progress?

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    8 Pounds In 20 Days, Is This Good Progress?

    I am 36 y/o, 5"10 and 20 days ago I weighed 198, this morning I was 190. 8 Pounds in 20 days. I have done it with a combination of following a 90 day fitness program from www.darebee.com, getting at least 10K steps every day, tracking all my food and exercise with MFP and eating healthier. I also do an intermittent fast for 16 hours every 4 days and do dumbbell workouts twice a week.

    To add more detail to my specific fitness journey- I normally sit around 182-186 with a terrible diet and basically no exercise but with an average of 12K to 14K steps a day just from my job. I spent about 10-11 weeks doing nothing but sitting on a couch and eating terrible and went form my average 184ish up to 198. I believe that I will somewhat easily lose this weight and plateau around 184-180. If I was an average 184 with terrible diet and no exercise getting back down to 184 should be relatively easy. Getting from 184 down to 165-170 will be my real challenge IMO

    Does this seem like good progress? Am I on the right path?

    Just calculating the raw numbers you're on a 1400 kcal deficit, that's pretty good.

    However water is always wonky, so that's an upper bound.

    It sounds like you'll have no trouble going down to 165 on this exact path. Weigh yourself regularly and adjust your food as you get more experienced and further into the loss.
    And no matter what MFP tells you, you need 75 - 120 g of protein per day, not more. Those tracking programs tend to exaggerate the protein, even though it's the most expensive macro and focussing on it can limit your veggies.