30 days of gravity - Meal timing when training on empty + taking whey protein

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    30 days of gravity - Meal timing when training on empty + taking whey protein

    Hey everyone,
    I'm currently attempting 30 days of gravity (this being my second swing at it because new year's week I was a total slouch, so I went back to the beginning)
    I consider myself a beginner in conditioning despite having been active in the past. I'm doing almost everything at level 1, and can only do push-ups on my knees.

    Important to this matter: I'm diabetic, insulin-dependent.
    My question right now is: I'm currently training on an empty stomach (for timing and convenience reasons) right after I wake up, and it's working out so far, doesn't feel too bad. Right after the session is done, I take a whey protein powder shake.
    I'm starting to try and stick to the modern hero diet, specifically the timing (5 hours between meals) but I'm not sure if I should take my first A+B+C meal right after the exercise. Is it prejudicial to my body to not take in some carbs after training? Because if I need to eat strictly after exercising, this will take some "timing acrobatics" on my part (since I'm actually very lazy with my habits) and I'll have to consider when exactly to take my insulin.

    (Also if anyone knows when I should take insulin in relation to the training times, please give a shout out)

    I'm sorry if this is a loaded question, and thanks in advance for any of your help.


    Hi Maurossauro you should be ok with the A+B+C meal, it has carbs (list B) so if it was working for you before, it should continue to work now.
    Since your blood glucose will drop significantly after exercise, you should be eating fairly soon after (I would say your window is ~30 minutes but I may be wrong). You could start with something right after, (banana or your shake) and then move on to the main meal. Since the gaps between meals is your goal, it will not be a big deal.

    In regards to insulin, that should be cleared with your medical practitioner I am afraid. There might be someone here with the same predicament but what works for them may not necessarily work for you as everyone is slightly different and responds differently to training.

    I hope this helps!


      Hey neilarey thanks for the reply! (senpai noticed me)
      Considering what you said I'll keep training on empty, but I'll try to do Exercise > Whey Protein > 1st meal in somewhat fast succession. I'll keep an eye on the blood sugar levels and if anything looks dicey I'll hit the doctor's office.

      Thanks again!