Questions about abs. Please help

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    Questions about abs. Please help

    First of all i would like to say my appearence is one of my priorities when working out, judge me if you will. I try to choose exercises that help me achieve an ideal body.

    My upper body has little to no fat, and whatever workout i do i only get bigger. As a woman with no waist definition, i am concerned about my obliques. The more i train my abs my waist disappears.

    Do you have any suggestions for me to keep my obliques under control while i train my abs? Any workout recommendations?

    (i moved this post since i thought it was in the wrong section)

    The Hive does not judge, so no problem, with this question. So if you want defined abs without obliques, you should avoid crossover moves. That is the best you can do, I think. The core is one unity, so you will always train the obliques a little, too.

    The other thing is to work the glutes, quads and lats, to get a waist line.


      Work shoulders to ballance visually, also.


        Hey Xeldasyone,

        First welcome

        Just to add to HellYeah80's point, we don't judge here. We all have different reasons to workout and none are better than the others, so don't worry about that
        I suggest you read the rules and how we do things here. Good luck.
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