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    HJ Day 55

    Hi Bees,

    Just a quick one:

    HJ Day 55 is:

    100 reps in total each exercise.

    Which I understand.

    But I don't understand Level II, of:

    I - Through the day
    II - Repeat Once
    III - Twice in one day

    Does that make sense. I get what levels I and III mean, but not what I should do to score level II.

    I think it's like this:

    For level 1, you do 100 reps of each exercise throughout the day in manageable sets.

    Level 2: 100 reps/exercise in a single workout (again in manageable sets but in one session)

    Level 3: 2 sessions (let's say morning and evening), each 100 reps/exercise, meaning you would do 200 push-ups (100+100) etc. in a day.


      Thank you, Ann, that seems to make sense to me. . . Now, I'll have to see how long I can make a "session"!