Preset Six Mealplan, but why?

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    Preset Six Mealplan, but why?

    Hi Bees,

    First, Happy New Year

    Second, what's up with the PS Mealplan?
    I am just curious, but what is its goal? I saw that it is a staying fit, and eating without planning your meals ahead, because you already got the main ideas and you do not eat the same meals every day (e.g.: I liked the soup day and the less meat concept).
    But I don't know why would it be better (e.g.: for me) than the Power Fast plan? Or is the PS plan just a more comfy one?
    I really just want to know if the Preset Six worth the time for some one like me (I did PF till now).

    Thanks Bees, and stay strong in 2019 too

    BadWolf that's actually a really good way to describe it! It's a comfier version of the Power Fast. You don't need to exercise to follow it and you don't need to watch your meal time when you exercise to fit the formula. All you have to mind is meal timing and portion control. I was in the test group for this meal plan and it really does make life easier. It certainly improved my menu and my productivity

    I hope this helps!


      @neilarey Yeah thanks, it helped


        I liked the plan... it looks good. But to be honest - I'm just too lazy for it. I do 20:4 fasting because I'm too lazy to make two meals. shameful I know.

        I'm into beetroot smoothies these days though. I open my window with that. So I guess I'm technically still having 2 meals in a four hour window? Or a meal and a snack. Not sure what a smoothie classifies as.

        So maybe I'm doing another version of preset 6, or Power fast... or is it OMAD? Or Warrior Diet? Hmm?