Can you help me improve my mealplan ?

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    Can you help me improve my mealplan ?

    Hello hello, I could use improving my meal plan as I'm no nutritionist.
    What I'm trying to do is : lose weight and gain muscle. I'm doing 100 push-ups and 100 abs on a daily basis for over two weeks, also going to introduce HIIT in my schedule starting today.

    My food on a meal to meal basis looks similar to the following :
    - 2 eggs or 1/2 fish can / 1-2 chicken legs / 1-2 chicken thigh / 1-2 pieces of schnitzel ( staying away from pork, sausages, salami )
    - 1 tomato
    - 1/2 red bell pepper
    - 1/4 onion
    - 2-6 olives
    - cow or sheep cheese 1 slice
    - 1-2 slices of bread / 1-2 cups of rice / mashed potatoes

    for desert :
    - 1 apple
    - 1 banana
    - 1 orange / 1 grape / 1 grapefruit or another fruit
    ( I've cut off sugar recently so I'm thinking this should keep my glucose level high enough so I don't sugar crash )

    snacks during the day :
    - peanuts
    - almonds / walnuts / raisins

    Having 2-3 meals per day, considering going into Intermittent Fasting.
    Currently I'm at 98 kg, 1.67 cm, my body type is endomorph.

    1. Body types like "endomorph" don't actually exist. Someone made that up once and it's nowhere near the truth. What those body types are made up of is a mix of appetite and activity, it's not genetic.

    2. Do you sugar crash if you don't get enough sugar? Because many many people don't, especially with the bread you're eating. I get hypoglycemic in the mornings and at lunch, but not in the evenings. So test out if that's actually relevant to you. Chances are you can replace those fruit with something else and have no prblem.

    3. Protein. With your activity I'd recommend a goal weight of 61 kg. That leaves us with a recommended protein intake of 73 - 98 g per day. Depending on how big your schnitzels, chicken pieces, etc. are and which specific cheese you're eating you might be getting them or not. Kitchen scales are always useful, so just track what you eat for maybe two weeks and then you'll know if you have to change anything. Protein is vital for muscle building and below 60 g you wouldn't build any.

    4. Calories. If you simply eat 1750 kcal per day you'll be at 61 kg in just thirteen months (1750 kcal is my maintenance, so I know it's not too bad). At 1500 kcal you'd be there in just over nine months. The lowest you should go while working out is 1400 kcal, which would get you there in eight and a half months. Remember to watch your energy levels, if you feel you have too little energy, then work on your meal timing, take a multivitamin and maybe up the calorie intake a little bit. The lower you go the closer you'll have to have an eye on your protein and the more likely it is that you'd profit from taking a multivitamin during the diet.


      I second Noen in suggesting that you track your calories for a while, that can help a lot to learn about nutritional content of what you eat.
      I'd also be careful with those snacks. While nuts and seeds do provide a lot of healthy ingredients they are also awfully high in calories and dried fruit especially grapes have a lot of sugar.
      Do you eat all of the fruit as desert (so one apple, one banana, + one orange etc. = one serving) or just one of the listed options ? In the first case this could be one thing you could look into.
      As you eat carbs like rice and potatoes to your meals I don't think you have to worry about "sugar crashing" at all even without the fruit.


        Hello gents, thank you so much for the answers, they helped more than I thought they would.
        The major changes I see so far are :
        1) Taking it a lot easier on the snacks. A lot easier on the peanuts & raisins. I was eating 1-2 packs of 50 gram each / day = ~550 calories alone
        2) Adding pears and more greens to my food. I'm not sure what to add for greens to be frank, thinking of having boiled cabbage instead of potatoes.
        3) It's difficult for me to calculate the exact intake, so today I'm going to get a kitchen weighing scale.
        4) Currently doing Intermittent Fasting, 16 + 8 , 2.5 h left from the 16, getting hungry . Do you have any suggestion for the IF hours ?
        5) Adding HIIT today, not sure what HIIT to add for a person with my body...

        BusyBumbleBee I eat 1 apple + 1 banana / other fruit for desert. Will change that to apple / pear.

        Noen my calories consumption is around 1200 kcal / day, I work on a desk job.
        Thanks for all the advice ! anything you can think of, please throw it at me, I'm decided to change for the better. I'll check back in, in a few days.


          Originally posted by Dinomaniak View Post
          4) Currently doing Intermittent Fasting, 16 + 8 , 2.5 h left from the 16, getting hungry . Do you have any suggestion for the IF hours ?
          In the beginning it's mostly suffering through and/or distracting yourself from it by doing sensible things.
          But the hunger does get better. It takes a month or two.
          Thankfully for me the first month I was full of motivation, so I was able to power through and then reap the benefits.


            Noen I'm doing one day on, one day off, and on the days off, I'm still trying to get 12-14 hours in-between tables. May I ask what the reaped benefits look like ?
            Got a kitchen weighting scale, it's so very sensitive .
            61 kg seems very little considering I'm planning to do sports and I'll need the muscle.


              The benefits are potentially fast fat loss, it depends on how much you eat the rest of the day. I eat 1000 kcal a day so I'm rewarded with 700 - 800 g of weight loss every week, at least on the weeks where I'm strict.

              61 kg put you solidly at a BMI of 22. That is the BMI where Brad Pitt was in Fight Club. Considering that movie involved a lot of shirtless scenes he worked out a bunch for that.
              But you don't need to worry: Just eat enough protein and if your six pack becomes too sharply defined you just stop the weight loss. My prediction is that you won't have a six pack before reaching 61 kg (and anything over a six pack is superfluous fat for someone who doesn't have a chronic disease, so losing it is not bad).