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Suggestions after Ironborn?

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    Suggestions after Ironborn?

    Hey guys!For the past month I have been following the Ironborn program,but now that I am at day 28 and starting to finish the program I dont know what to do next.I would like to continue with the program but should I adjust the weights and redo the program or start with another program entirely?And if I were to start with another program which would be te best?Thanks Again!

    That’s a great question, I am also interested in what people have to say about this.


      You can try the full circuit, the last program published
      it seems good or the HIIT program


        Depends on your goals etc. If your goal is hypetrophy or "just get self to move each day" then repeating (maybe heavier) isn't a bad thing if you enjoyed it.


          I'd say redoing Ironborn with a higher weight is a good idea, but maybe do another program first, to shake things up.

          I don't know if routine and repetition, or new things motivate you more. It depends on how you prefer it.

          Regular gym-lifters (especially those who use the machines) often do the same basic routine for months if not years, simply adjusting the weights.


            This question greatly interests me (I just started Ironborn) and I've been thinking about it.
            I've got a few ideas -

            Just looking at the programs, Strength Protocol, 30 Days of Strength and 30 Days of Gravity look like good follow on programs.

            Then we get into the "you're being weird BravoLimaPoppa3" ideas.

            One is use clubs (Indian or steel - figure out what weight you can comfortably handle there) in place of the dumbbells - though the renegade rows may need the hex headed dumbbells unless you've got forearms like Popeye.
            Caution - don't do swings with your lifting clubs without building up to it.

            The other is to get some kettlebells (this one would be vitally important to figure out what you can safely handle) and try those instead of dumbbells.
            In both cases, the grips and balance will be very different from the dumbbells working muscles differently and placing some interesting demands on them.

            I'm thinking about using programs first and a mix of the clubs and kettlebells and seeing what I get out of it.

            Hope this helps and to see some more ideas here about it.