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    6 micro meals

    Okay so I'm trying the six micro meals a day and was looking for any advice from you guys on darebee who are already doing it . I read it helps boost your metabolism and keeps you from eating as much as you normally would . My goal with this is to keep myself from eating too much at dinner because it's usually the only time I really eat .

    Micro meals are a really fun idea. As a grazer myself, I tried them out, sadly it didn't work out for me.

    But to address the core of the matter:
    1. Nothing can boost your metabolism. How many calories you burn depends on your body mass (muscle burns more than fat, most organs burn more than muscles) and how much you move.
    2. Whether or not this makes you eat less is actually a matter of happy experimentation! When we get hungry, how much we eat, etc. is something very much determined by psyche and habits, so it differs extremely between individuals. Since I'm a boredom- and taste-eater the micro meals actually made me eat more instead of less. But my boyfriend will eat less overall if he gets bigger snacks between the main meals, but only some snacks.
    So try it out!