How to stay in shape after a knee injury ?

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    How to stay in shape after a knee injury ?

    Hello there,

    I'm relatively new in here and to taking fitness more or less seriously as well.
    I have always done sports/fitness in the framework of a club or a specific sport, and I rarely did workouts (aside from running from time to time) outside of practices with my club.

    I did taekwondo before, and now I'm doing Muggle Quidditch, more or less 6h/week - but then I took an arrow to the knee, and got a knee sprain
    I don't think it's anything serious, but the 15 days I spent wearing a splint (like the doctor recommended) helped recover from the pain... until I went to practice again, and it started hurting again.

    I'm getting an x-ray in two days, I don't think it's anything serious (I hope nooot), but my doctor nonetheless said "no sports for 3 weeks", which of course got me devastated.
    I was wondering if there are some people who went through the same thing, and what they did to stay more or less in shape ?
    I'm focusing on upper body workouts for the moment, but are there some soft cardio indoor workouts that could keep me more or less in shape ?

    Any support is appreciated, not being allowed to go running is just so frustrating.

    Thank you !

    Three weeks can go by fast, and with the upper body workouts you are on the right track. I can understand your frustration, I got a torn meniscus two years ago (already!) and it took 5 months before I was back to nearly normal workout (still had to adapt some poses a few more months).
    Once you are cleared, look at the knee-specific exercises maybe to prevent a relapse I still incorporate quad and glute strengtheners (one legged bridges, variations on squats) to protect my knee!

    (and BTW, LOL for the Arrow in the knee! High-five!)

    Tiens bon, Mircenna !


      Hi Mircenna
      I have a twisted ankle.
      Moved my pull-up bar to the kitchen door, where I pass frequently.

      Two suggestions:

      1- Check the upper body workouts in the workout section. Many can be done in a chair, or without moving your legs.
      The listing allows to identify which ones you feel like doing. In my case this means to simply ignore those with push-ups, or that cannot be done in a chair.
      For example I am doing dumbbells seated in a chair.

      - Search for videos for "workout leg injury", eventually "follow along". Cardio, stretching or pure workouts in a chair are there.
      My next try will be 20 Minutes seated strength and cardio.
      This specific one you probably cannot try, as kee is being used, but I'm sure you'll find others
      Please share which ones you choose, I might give it a try.

      Happy training,


        One thing I like is kneeling in a very hot bath and massage the area, also hot yoga. I've had several knee injuries and usually work around them or gentle movement. I do a lot of variety so it's easy to find ways around pain.


          I had a ligament rupture one year ago. My knees usually are snappy and sometimes they are aching and hurting even if I did nothing a few days before. Squatting too low and/or too fast tends to start the pain again. Doctor said when I get older I'll probably have some serious knee problems.

          What I found out to remedy that situation is: stretch stretch stretch. I've been doing at least five days per week a routine of legs/quads/hips stretching and mobility (about 30 minutes, before bed) that has helped A LOT my squats and all exercises that uses knees and hips.

          So, if you're still recovering, I'd advise start working on your mobility and flexibility as soon as you're able to. You wanna get that in check before starting to use your knee again.


            I injured one of my knees a couple of years ago, and Foundation Light saved my sanity when I couldn't do anything else.
            Also seconding the advice to check out the knee workouts on this site.


              Thank you all for the great suggestions !

              I have been doing the Knee Saver workout regularly, and I have an appointment with a physician next Wednesday.
              The good news is that the pain has decreased greatly, and I feel the exercises are helping.
              The bad news is, I've been feeling some pain in my right elbow now, and I'm afraid it could some kind of golfer/tennis' elbow... will ask the physician about that too, but that prevents me from doing most punches/push-up workouts. :/