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    Time based workout search

    Hi - I'm new to the site but really like the look of it. One question I have though is can I search for workouts based on time. Basically I do a lot of cv work (running and cycling mainly) and I want to find some 15 - 20 min high intensity workouts that are strength and abs focused that I can add on to my normal cv workout. Ideally I'd have one day legs and two days upper body with some abs every time ....? I'm struggling to be able to find this on the workouts though ... Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks

    Hello Anh!

    I think most Darebee workouts would - or could - fit within that time frame, as they're usually 5, 7, or 10-sets in duration.

    You can use a very good filter function here: https://darebee.com/wods.html#sort=p...n&sortdir=desc

    Though there isn't a time-based search, I wonder if it might work to start out looking at the workouts that have videos, then you'll have a good idea of the time.

    The results I got for the highest intensity (four) strength-based workouts with a video, only gave me two results:


    They're both well over your time, but the videos are for a full 10 sets with two minutes' rest, so you could start with fewer sets.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest just clicking through for:

    Abs: https://darebee.com/wods.html#sort=p...dvanced&page=1

    Lower body and so on, and working with the sets you can fit in with your time availability.

    You could also check out the challenges section (https://darebee.com/challenges.html) and pick out a couple that suit your purposes for short exercise sessions that increase in intensity.

    For your abs work, both the Back and Core programme, (https://darebee.com/programs/back-and-core.html), and the Total Abs programme (https://darebee.com/programs/total-abs.html) are designed to be doable as additional programmes, so should be relatively low in time committment, and something you can add into other exercises.

    Hopefully you'll get some other answers too, because I'm sure there must be some good specific workouts to recommend that I haven't seen.

    Have fun!