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    Rest Days?

    Hey there!

    Me and my friends are planning to all start a 30 day program. We are thinking of doing 30 Days of HIIT and 30 Days of Gravity.
    Our current schedule looks like this:

    Monday: Gravity Day 1
    Tuesday: HIIT Day 1
    Wednesday: Gravity Day 2
    Thursday: HIIT day 2
    Friday: Gravity Day 3
    Saturday: HIIT Day 3
    Sunday: Rest

    so on, and so forth. I was wondering whether we should do HIIT everyday or every other day? I've surfed the internet and it seems like you should do HIIT every other day but I've seen people on this website who have said that they have done it everyday. Thanks a lot!


    Hello Sumifairy and welcome to the Hive!

    All our programs are designed in a way that lets you do them every day. You don't even need dedicated rest days as there are lighter days incorporated that let you recover on the fly (active recovery).
    And because of that reason (programs opted for being done on consecutive days) I would not suggest alternating programs every other day. Stick to one program and give it your all, that's what will bring the most out of each program.

    I hope this helps.


      Oh ok. Thank you!