Left side headache while running

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    Left side headache while running

    Hello, I am 24 old male, 84 kg and 174 cm..
    I am not too fat, but my fitness level is too low. And my job doesn’t really help as I sit in front of computer for long hours.

    the issue is that when I try to run, I feel pain at the end of my back, I checked with a doctor and he diagnosed me with muscle weakness and said I shall go practice sports.

    The second thing is a pain in the left side of my head, it vanishes gradually when I stop running 🏃.
    is this normal because my fitness level is low and it will disappear with time ? Or shall I seek a doctor ?


    While it is something I would keep an eye on and see a doctor if it gets worse/doesn't start to improve after awhile for the moment I would blame it on two other factors. With the weak lower back I'm sure your running form could use some work so I would start there. If your form is bad you could be straining your neck and giving yourself a mid tension headache that goes away when you stop. The second thing I would look at is that since you are starting out your blood pressure is spiking which can cause a mild headache that would recede once you stop. Both should get better with practice.

    Once again though I'm guessing so if it gets worse or doesn't improve go see a doctor for sure.


      To run properly you need a stable core, neck and hip. The doctor isn't wrong when he says that. Try incorporating a short preparation for the forementioned muscles. I partirularly like Back and Core program from Darebee.

      Regarding the pains in the head, it might have somehting to do with your breathing. If you're running under the sun or in a place where it hits you in the face, you might be forcing your eyes or eyebrow so much that it induces pain and headaches. For years that was my struggle and I never figured out why, until I started running with protectors and glasses and it simply stopped.


        Since blood pressure might be an issue here I'm afraid to tell you that you are indeed overweight. You have a BMI of 27.3.
        Your normal BMI weight range starts at 76.8 kg. But since you have a low muscle mass I would recommend aiming for a BMI between 20 and 22 (61.4 kg - 67.6 kg). The BMI is great for broad strokes, but for the fine tuning one needs the body fat percentage and with muscle weakness that is more important than ever. Waist circumference is also a handy measure; a healthy circumference for men starts below 93 cm.

        If the cause for the headache is indeed blood pressure, then simply losing this excess fat already has a very good chance of making the problem disappear. Not to mention all the other awesome benefits this will have for your health.

        However I do also think that a tension headache from overusing your neck muscles is a definite possibility, I definitely get that if I sit the wrong way in front of my computer.
        Luckily working on muscles and weight is possible at the same time, you don't have to choose.


          I experience headaches almost every time I restart doing a cardio programme or running. It takes a few sessions and then it goes away - not sure if this is posture related or my brain really dislikes being bounced around and it takes a while for it to get used to it (I have very low blood pressure, so I know this is not an issue for me personally).

          Is running your preferred method of exercising? If not, I would suggest you start exercising with a light(er) cardio/overall fitness programme, just to get in the swing of things, get to know your body and how it moves, gain a bit of musculature and lose some weight before you put your joints under the pressure of running. If, however, running really motivates you and you enjoy it, then just go slow, do a programme like "Walking to running" or something similar for a month or two and see how it goes.

          And of course, talk to your doctor if the headache doesn't go away or gets worse.


            shatef ... I'd listen to Noen and AliceFinney were I you. Not that I know Alice, but I agree with her on this.

            By the way, shatef and AliceFinney , welcome to The Hive , the social side of DareBee.

            Pleasantries out of the way, you can find some help in the Office Workout pack.
            100(?) workouts that you can bring to work and use to take a 1-minute mini-break every hour while at work.
            You may look a bit silly, if someone looks, but many of the possibilities would hardly be noticed. May look like you are squirming a bit.

            Best of luck from a retired IT tech.


              DaithiMeyer and AliceFinney You guys realise that this thread is 2 years old. Welcome to the Hive AliceFinney


                Andi64 ...no, I did not. Hope the problem was resolved in the intervening years.


                  Thanks guys/ladies for all responses. And I would like to add my own experience.

                  Oh, 2 years.. I have went through a lot through these 2 years, but exercising was not one of them.. That's sad.
                  But starting this month I decided I have to raise my fitness level.

                  I also currently following Baseline ( and I am strictly attentive to it this time).

                  Now I run 2 days a week and currently I follow a burst-cycle when I go running, I walk for 500 meters, then run for 500 meter. Every time I go running, I am getting better, I try to increase the burst distance I run and decrease the walking distance.

                  Considering this issue of severe headache, I currently have it when running at 10KM/hour speed, so I currently run @ 6-7 KM/hour speed. This is an improvement as I had it before even when running at slower speed.

                  I am getting better after each run and that lifts me a little bit. I may adjust my schedule to go running 3 days/week.

                  I also cut-off Soda, Any thing that's in a can with additives, I only drink fresh juices or at least canned juice orange/mango, etc..

                  Last thing I would add, mental attitude and mental state really matters. Although I find myself mentally exhausted nowadays I force myself to go run and also created a WhatsApp group with my friend to run to force ourselves.

                  So having a better attitude towards running, would help you stick to it.