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    Hero's Journey weapons

    Embarking on HJ starting next month and need some guidance in weapons usage please.

    1) I'm thinking of packing 3 weapons in one walkthrough (lasso+sword+ring) - is there any reason I must stick to only one instead?
    2) Weapons are listed part 2 - can I do it before part 1 (restricted access to equipment)?
    3) How do lasso twists help me get fit? According to the video I just stand there and spin it in front of me, is that all?
    4) What makes a "rep" in LT? Spin/no spin or like in video, slow spin/fast spin?
    5) Is the gym's "pull-down" machine (where you sit locked in place and pull the bar down towards yourself) acceptable alternative to classic pull-up?
    6) What is "negative pull-up"? (Just curious, I'm going for the regular one)
    7) On the days that do not have the armor icon, may I put on the armor anyway if I feel like it (and get the points too)?


    Day 38: What does "in total" mean? I get it that I work each set to the given rep count (or more if I manage it under 30sec), can I have breaks during a set then? Also, is it humanly possible to do 90 high-knees in 30 sec? (I assume full form and both legs make a "rep", like shown).
    Day 39, 51: For part 2 do I pick the movements at random whenever I feel like it?

    Thanks in advance!

    Regarding point 6: For the negative pullup you start in the top position of the pullup (e.g. use a chair to get up) and slowly lower yourself then. So you're muscles are only working the negative / eccentric part of the motion, thus the name. It is a very helpful exercise to build up strength for your first proper pullup.


      Thank you, never heard of negative variant before. Explains the lowest point value.


        And regarding point 5: I would say yes, given that you select a weight equal to your body weight


          Was thinking the same when I tried it but later I realized I'd also need to adjust the height so I can get constant pull even in rest position, like the real bar. Will check later if it allows that. It all depends on (2) however - I'm scheduling HJ for the evening but can use the gym only during day hours.


            Hi Tatsumaki , I'll try to answer every single question:

            1) That's a personal thing. If you can handle the load, go for it. But it's easy to underestimate the overall workload as it tends to add up pretty quickly. However, if that's something you're comfortable with, sure.

            2) All the sequences and progressions are meant the way they are displayed. That's how they were designed and tested as they have an intended purpose (for example fatiguing your muscles in part 1 and then "finishing" them in part 2). Doing it this way will have the greatest possible effect. If that is not possible to do you can swith the parts and do part 2 before 1. You won't nullify any effects, it will just be different from what was intended. It's still a good training, though.

            3) It sure seems like a simple thing but you're engaging your arms, shoulders and core as you will have to counterbalance a unilateral movement. The rope adds weight and momentum (which, in the end, translates to resistance) to the movement and engages your muscles even more.

            4) One full spin (360°) is one rep

            5) That's a valid replacement if you can't do regular pull ups, yes. It's still slightly different, but close enough. Equipment work will always be different from their bodyweight counterpart, but then again: all the programs and workouts are just tools. You can always adapt them to your needs and replace elements if needed.

            6) This question has already been answered.

            7) There are exercises that you shouldn't do with armor. For example running with ankle weights can be harmful for your joints and bones. But generally spoken: yes, you can wear your armor on days that are not specifically marked. You won't get extra points, though.

            8) "In total" means left + right. Lifting up the left knee is 1 rep, lifting up the right knee is the 2nd rep. Following this rule it is possible to do 90 reps in 30 seconds, yes.

            9) Exactly, you pick the movement you find fitting. As long as there's constant movement.

            I hope I was able to answer your questions.


              That closes the issue completely, thank you so much! Just some remarks.

              1) I think it's worth a try. Besides in the view of (2) I'll be going to nearby playground instead of the gym, so there will be some break before the rope and pullups anyway.
              2) understood
              3) OK
              4) OK, but I think I'll put in 2-3 spins for a rep, otherwise it is hard to count
              5) I see. I'll stick to classic bar then until I can see the difference for myself
              6) yes
              7) got it
              8) All this time I've been doing double high-knees reps in all the workouts so far, LOL. No wonder it's one of the easiest exercises in my book yes 45 of "my" HK in 30sec is quite doable.
              9) As I thought. Writing a script that shows random exercise for a random period of time will be fun too.

              Again, thanks a lot!