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  • Newbie... Again

    Guys I'm once again am trying to work out now without stopping in between like I did the last two times.

    I want some tips and suggestions as to where to begin. I can't do any program again as Ramadan is coming so I want some ideas as to where to begin basically.

    I did the Night Shift workout but my thighs began to ache greatly in the second set.

    So basically I need help. Again.

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    Either you start after Ramadan or try foundation. It´s not too hard and you could try it at night just before sundown. Or early in the morning.


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      Foundation Light is also an option - I'm not sure what Ramadan rules are, I'm assuming you don't want to exercise too much because of fasting? You could start off easy and choose to do the Daily Dare and a pick a challenge, as they are usually less demanding and take less time? The important thing is, you are back, so just go slow.


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        Hello Taminglife , I'm agree with the previous comments. Since I've just finished recently "Foundation light", I can assure you that is an easy program doable for all, even in a period like the Ramadan, I bet you'll do in level 3, sure.

        I suggest you consider another easy alternative, that it isn't exactly a program, but is a single combination of exercises assumable for those days. This is just an example: to do some challenges, like the following:

        Of course there're lots of combinations, and they're your choice.