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    Plank Step-ins

    From Foundation, Day 12
    How do you do them?

    I've tried, and I can't get my foot anywhere near my hands. So when I do them they are like slow climbers i think, with one foot stepping in then back to plank, then the other foot stepping in then back to plank.
    But when I've looked them up elsewhere, plank step-ins are where you step one foot in and then the other (so both feet are in) and then step one foot out and then the other (back to a plank) and the feet aren't placed very far forward at all.

    So is there a technique (or a particular bit of strength or flexibility I'm lacking and can work on) to get my feet further forwards?
    Can I consider them done even if my feet aren't as far forward?
    What is the difference between plank step-ins and slow climbers?
    And which step pattern (similar to slow climbers or like the example I saw elsewhere) should I be using?

    I think there are two options for this:

    1. Modification of plank jump-ins: in this case, you would step forward with one leg, then the other one, then step back with first and repeat with the other. The illustration might not reflect this due to lack of space (there would have to be another picture with both legs in).
    2. Modification of (slow) climbers: just like slow climbers, but instead of just tapping the foot in, you firmly step on it then back and repeat with the other leg. It's even slower than slow climbers, in other words.

    I'll tag neilarey for clarification.

    As for reaching the hands - some flexibility in the hips is necessary for this, so I would try to get my foot further ahead over time - your hamstrings will stretch. At the moment, you can add some flexibility/stretching workouts (Hamstring workout looks good ) and exercises to help with that, especially runner's lunge or yoga warrior pose (I&II). Just give it time...


      I'm not sure if it's exactly this exercise



        Cabriel - that's one of the videos i looked up which made me question whether the step pattern i was doing was right.

        ​​​​​​@Ann-Core - that makes sense and thanks. I know i do have some stiffness in my hips, but good to know i'm on the right track as i've already been doing the hamstring stretch workout and runners lunge (and i'll look up the warrior poses).