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  • Supersets

    Are there any supersets here in darebee's workouts or programs ?!

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    Short answer: yes.

    Long answer: Look, for example, at Day 90 of 90 Days of Action.


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      Well, in its most basic definition, almost all darebee workouts are a super set.

      The terms parameters can really be defined by any means you want beyond that. But essentially, any time you perform 2 or more different exercises back to back with no rest, that is a super set.


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        thepresident aveoturbo wjs Cuz i've heard that supersets are really good and it gives you more gains quickly
        Is that right ?!


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          They have their place. They keep your heart rate up and improve your cardio capabilities. As far as more gains are concerned, a muscle group will grow if it has TUT.

          So, if your doing push-ups and then squats for example, your pecs will not grow more because you did the squats and vice versa for the quads.

          Muscles need stimulus and one can only put muscles through stimulus for so long before they get tired and need to recover.

          So while you may be working the body, one part will not simply grow because you work another part. Unless it has muscle groups that carry over, but generally you want to do super sets in opposition of each other.

          For example, a classic super set would be something like bicep curls and then tricep extensions.

          Lastly, and probably the biggest reason people will super set exercises together would be to save time in the gym. Get other exercises done while your waiting for a muscle group to recover. Hope this explains it better.


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            Watch this


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              That's how it works for him and that's awesome! If that works for you, then go for it!

              One thing that comes to mind to fit Darebee workouts for his version is the Pushup Massacre workout that you can find in a quick search.

              That would be one long "super set" example.

              Quad Mod is another one that comes to mind as a possibility.


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                aveoturbo Great so how can i include it in my workouts ?! he says he plays different variations that focus on the same muscle and he does the hard ones 1st then the easier after that


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                  Grab the muscle map that's available here and start creating a workout that focuses on that group. Include exercises that you can super set the way you want to do them and go from there.


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                    I learnt about super sets from Mark Lauren. He uses them in a litte different way.
                    The first exercise is a very hard or new one with only 1-5 reps, followed by an easier one with 6-12 reps.
                    Like pistols and squats, one-arm PU and regular push-ups.

                    Since most Darebee workouts are circuits, you will have to look for the ones with traditional sets. And then modify the workout using super-sets.


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                      aveoturbo Where is it ?!


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                        Just Google it. It will pop in the images section. On here specifically I don't remember and I'm on a mobile right now so not going to do a ton of searching around, sorry.