Tendon Stregnth for shoulder area?

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  • Tendon Stregnth for shoulder area?

    I have noticed that Iron Bar has been really helpful in making sure I don't piss off my legs TOO badly... having really annoyed my shoulders (which is finally almost healed) I was wondering if there are some similar workouts for arms.

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    The first thing I thought of were the similar days in Gravity. Raised arm holds, arm circles, scissors, basically everything that mimics Iron Bar for your arms/shoulders instead of legs. Check out the pdf of that program and see if you can pull some days for individual workouts (of which I didn't find, although I didn't look that hard from my tablet).


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      I actually don't think you can train your tendons for strength specifically, it just kind of comes with muscle training.

      I think a better idea would be to look for things that are therapeutic for you if you jacked up your shoulders.

      I'm betting the closest thing would be by using the office workouts filter and picking and choosing an upper body one with more shoulder activity.

      My best answer is to just lightly work them, keep the stretches going and focus on really warming them up before doing anything shoulder heavy. Stay away from the weights for a while. Maybe some static holds and build into the climbers, push ups, and *shudder* burpees.

      Shoulders don't heal quick, are very complicated joints, and take a good deal of abuse.


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        The thing about Iron Bar is it's zero impact. Which is why I recommended those same days in Gravity. Whether or not you can train tendons for strength, I do trust the team and if that workout helps your lower body, something similar is bound to have a beneficial impact on upper.


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          Maybe this one?