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  • Thighs and Hips

    What are some basic and simpls exercises for your thighs hips and buttocks

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    squats side jacks and lunges are good. so the Power Squat workout, and Spring Board will help so will yoga workouts. those will help too.. of course that depends on what you want to do with your hips thighs and glutes. I mean if you want to strengthen and tone and be flexible all that I said will help with that but if your trying to get rid of the weight from them IM not much help there sorry.


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      Hips aren't included on it but you might find Darebee's muscle map helpful, it's got a lot of exercises for quads and glutes.


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        What is your objective? Is it to reduce fat in those areas? Are you looking to increase strength or tone or flexibility? The answer is determined by the goal.


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          Sprinting is also great for butt, hips and legs. Especially if you sprint on the balls of your feet.

          For me I would first have to get rid of all the fat stored there before I could see any improvements.


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            Oh yes- you body parts will become even bigger if the muscles start to grow but the fat is still there.

            And there´s no exercise that burns fat from the trained body part. So sit-ups don´t reduce belly fat.