How to prevent pain and blisters from pull-up bar exercises?

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  • How to prevent pain and blisters from pull-up bar exercises?


    I'm hoping someone has a solution to my problem - I have started using the pull-up bar more often recently (the Kitten workout is just so cute!) but the problem I have is that I can't hold on for very long - not so much due to muscle fatigue but because my palms, specifically the cushy parts right below the fingers, hurt like crazy and I have to let go before muscle failure.

    I've tried using some old fitness gloves I had but it doesn't make it any better, actually it makes it worse, because the gloves are made from a tougher material which creases and cuts into the skin. Is this a case of grin and bear it until my hands turn to leather, should I get new and pull-up-bar-appropriate gloves or has someone found a way to keep smooth hands and use a pull-up bar?

    I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Maybe gymnastics chalk, or tape, if glove bothers you? It may well be a case of building some callous being necessary tho


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      It gets better with time and you will be able to hold it longer but you can't do much about the callous.


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        Originally posted by Ann-Core View Post
        Is this a case of grin and bear it until my hands turn to leather,..
        Is what I have heard and read. And also in my own travails come to conclude
        But I will be looking towards any solutions offered in this thread.


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          I know very well what you are talking about. Sadly you cannot do anything about it now that you are starting. Although if you keep on using the bar your hands will get used to it and it will hurt less soon. Just be patient. That's the only thing you can do sadly.


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            When i changed gloves and I find better, i.e. it's not only e new pair of gloves, but a different kind
            I used previously the classic (not very high quality) gym gloves.
            I find better with gloves that are classified as crossfit gloves.

            they are similar to these gloves:

            I bought them in Italy, thus I can give any recommandations on the brand (e.g. I do not find it on and I am not very expert on such a kind of product)


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              I'd really advise against using gloves - gymnasts use grips and chalk to help with grip strength, not prevent callouses. The pain will go away eventually. One thing than may help is finding a wider bar to grip, as narrow bars have smaller contact surface with your hands and therefore hurt it more. Try using the side rail of monkeybars, those are usually thicker.
              However If you're really determined to prevent callouses and are just doing simple pullup variations, you can get bar grips like these or hand grips like these (those come in stylish black&pink color combination as well) - they're not exactly competition grade but they'll do for basics. Important thing to remember is callouses sort of give you immunity to that kind of pain later, whereas with aid you'll come to depend on them for you bar exercises.

              Good luck and painless training.


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                Thank you very much for your opinions and suggestions, kind Bees! I'm considering getting a wider bar and bar grips (thanks J3ster ) just to try it and see how long I can actually last in a deadhang but in general it seems like holding on for dear life is the only thing to do 😉, so I will also practice without aid just in case I ever have to pull myself up in a superhero situation without gloves.