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    How should i do these 2 workouts ?!

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    #1: 10 jump squats- 10 push-ups- 10 jumping lunges- 40 punches- 30sec ellbow plank- 15sec side ellbow plank each side- max 2min rest- 10 jump squats.....


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      These are both standard DAREBEE circuit there something specifically you're struggling with? If you're just trying to figure out how to complete them, you might want to review the workout manual:

      Click image for larger version

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        1 set is doing all those exercises the number of times it says. The manual that K e l l y posted will help you out. Please read the manual before doing any of the work outs so you understand the terms used. I have a hard time for to failure in some things due to how fast I want to do them at. in some workouts to failure will be at a certain lvl so please be careful when reading to make sure you understand these work outs with to failure on a certain lvl will be in a banner.


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          K e l l y Well so when i do them i don't rest between them like this right after that cuz i used to do something like this before but i rest between them almost 30 sec and when i finish them all i rest almost 4 min so what's the difference then ?!


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            There´s no rest between exercises, but between set.
            It keeps your cardiovascular system up and your muscles busy. Of course if you need short rests between exercises to be able to continue, that´s ok and better than finishing the workout early, but they should be kept to a minimum.
            4min rest after a set is too long.