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I want to quit smoking. Can anyone help me?

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    I stopped cold turkey when I got pregnant with my daughter. Now the only time I even crave is if I have been drinking. My husband is a non smoker (odd since he grew up with his siblings smoking) I also found that if I didn't get in the habit of buying cigs then I wouldn't be able to smoke them unless I bummed and I told my friends that I limit to a certain amount a day and if I go over that they need to cut me off. yea withdrawals are apain but are worth it in the end.


      Hey afroblue , you have done the first step by writing this post !

      I stopped smoking last summer by reducing the intake over 2 months.
      My flatmate kept smoking and still smokes... I really don't like the smell of it anymore.

      Things that can help :
      - Start logging every smoke you take.
      - Also log the money you did not spend on cigarettes.
      - Give yourself a reward for example after one week without smoking, another one after one month etc..
      - Go for a HIIT workout when you want to smoke, intense exercice will give your body what it wants !
      - Fell proud of every cigarette that you don't smoke !
      - Keep us posted on how you are doing, you will have a lot of support in the hive.

      As you said, motivation is the key !
      First find what motivates you the most, Health, Money, Pride, Reward, and it will be a lot easier.

      Go for it !


        Originally posted by HenryV
        You can always switch to vaping then wean yourself off of that using less and less nic. PM me if you want product names. Good luck.
        I wouldn't Vape or use a e cig you still get the buzz from nicotine and weaning your self from smoking by replacing it with something else that goes in the mouth wont work. since youll just use that money for cigs for the new addiction.. I do like John_Salt post find what motivates you and exercise when you want to smoke. If you try e cig or vape you are just replacing your old habit of regular smokes and my brother has a e cig that he tried using to quit and it didn't work he still smells like smoke constantly.


          Originally posted by getsukurokoshi
          I smoked for 10 years and couldn't stop for a long time, and then I switched to vape. So, I can tell you that from experience, it works!
          You switched form one nicotine-source to another. So what exactly 'works'?


            Few years ago I switched from cigarettes to vape but vaping just gave me weird feeling in the lungs and coughing fits, then I went back to cigarettes. I never smoked at home so since the start of this pandemic my intake dropped to three cigs or less every week. I consider that a huge improvement since I used to smoke 8-10 cigs a day.


              Good on ya. Try, try, try. Never stop trying until you've freed yourself. Own the journey and share it on a thread, you will have a limitless supply of support.

              figure out your way to change your habits and that skill can be used for everything in your life.


                What Rathgar said. Failure is part of the process. But you have to keep trying. I smoked for 30 years around 40/day. It took me more than a year to quit. More like 2. Have not had any nicotine in 18 years since.


                  After seeing all these engorging posts I can to give a few pointers
                  1:show your friends the negative effects of smoking
                  2:if that did not work then maybe these friends aren’t the friends you are destined to have find other to give you encouragement to help
                  3:to replace the habit of smoking get a hobby learn a new instrument but when I face negativity I started a journal a became truthful to the book and write down what is going on in my life you can post topic and do your journal here we can help you but if you need friends we are here for you.


                    I was a smoker for 23 years. During that time I tried loads of ways to quit smoking. Nasal spray, inhalator, gum, patches, Champex, hypnosis, accupuncture.

                    Of all the things I tried only two things worked:

                    The first for a short period of time was the "easy way to quit smoking book" I managed to stop for about a month, which was a big thing for me as a hardened smoker. I also know lots of people who quit for good using that book.

                    The second which got me to permanently stop was vaping. I started using one and I havent smoked since (3 years quit!). I still had smokers around me but it helped as I had a safer alternative.


                      I stopped smoking after 30+ years. Took 2+ years trying to stop and failing.
                      Truly hard, I know! But doable and highly rewarding.
                      Felt immediate benefits, as I run measuring my heart beat. One or two weeks later I could run with 15, 20 beats below. This is huge.

                      I did it with an app android that works like this:
                      In the beginning I state how many cigarettes a day I smoke (was 25) and in how many days I want to stop (was 30 days).
                      Based on that, the app shows a semaphore that says "Green, you can smoke" or "Red, not yet".
                      The interval between cigarettes increases every day, so that 30 days later there is only time for one single cigarette.
                      Frequently I was desperate watching the "time control". In the write moment, I used to stop whatever I was doing for my cigarette -)

                      App was for Android, this one:

                      I used run in place, and skip rope, whenever I wanted to smoke before the green-light.
                      Think any cardio would do the same.