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  • Help me pick/build program

    Hi guys , I will go to Thailand in next 2-4 months for muay thai training. I want work on my weakness in meantime. I am already in a running program nearly 2 months now.
    I want to add another program that will help me build strength/cardio for my long Thailand tour. As my current running program I do one day of long run 5km(for this week +1km added every week) one day of 200m sprint × 6 one day of tempo 2 day comfort pace recovery run 2-3 km two days home running based workput and one day fully rest.
    its Friday and from Monday I will go in intermittent fasting. What do you guys suggest to add in my current program !! Should I pick a program or build my own.
    Hi am 24 year old 6ft or 6ft1inch 164 lbs. Goal is to build the best cardio of and good strength at the same time.

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    Power Cardio is the way to go for both muscle and strength. If it seems too difficult I'd say go for FIghter's Codex - it will work nicely for your martial arts training and it also has some HIIT in there. Alternatively there's Combat HIIT.
    Or you can go for this:


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      Thanks for the reply and where i should adjust this program I am thinking doing it in between first and second meal and my running program in between my second and third meal. And I will follow intermittent diet pattern. Is it okay of I do in morning or it will be too much beating as I will eat at 2 pm