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    Training Workout!!!

    Greetings my friends,

    I need your advices and thoughts about what I am currently doing. I am trying to stay in shape and build muscles/strength

    I picked up 3 different workout from Darebee website and execute them every Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

    - Upper body => Gravity
    - Abs => Ab crunch / Crunch time
    - Lower body => Legs of steel / Leg Shred

    What do you think about it? Do you think I should go for a Program? Do you think I should change workouts in order to reach my goal?

    Thanks in advance,


    Welcome, Thomas.

    I think you're going way too easy on yourself - there's so much rest in there, you could probably retire while in between workouts.

    Have you seen training plan page? If you're a fan of split (which is, I guess, technically better for faster strength gains in specific body areas) I'd say try out this:

    You can do ab work on rest days. Some or all of them if you like.
    Let me know what you think. Good luck with your training.

    P.S. Going for program is definitely an option - I'd say 30 days of Gravity / Strength. But workouts give you more freedom in planning so it's up to you.


      I would not recommend doing the exact same workout for more than one time. After that, your body adapts and minimizes the gains and the strain it gets. It is always right to keep the body at ready to be trained and thus the results will come faster.

      I would recommend what J3ster said, and stick to a training plan to suit your goals.


        Those two above me are right, especially once you have reached a certain fitness level.
        I don't know much about you so I will give you some rules of thumb that I have distilled from my time on darebee.

        If a workout is tough enough to make your muscles really burn and/or fail during the last reps then it is perfectly legitimate to take a rest day afterwards.
        If a workout does not work you in that way and your muscles feel completely fine afterwards then you should probably not do a rest day afterwards and instead do another workout the next day.

        It is true that doing the same workout over and over again will soon slow your results, but you will still definitely have results after the first few weeks, until you have reached a certain level.
        You could use that time to find some other workouts you like or maybe a program or a challenge that fits your goals.


          Since you mentioned you like to build muscle, how about going the classic iron way?
          Get some adjustable dumbbells (maybe even a barbell), a lot of plates, a pullup bar and off you go.
          Use really demanding weight, eat accordingly and you will soon see some nice gains.
          If you're starting out with weight training you will have a real blast, the "newbie gains".