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    Hey guys , i'm 16 years old , 173 cm tall , and i weight 75kg and i have 21.2% body fat , i wanted to burn fats at specific areas like abs and sides area and chest area i wanted to know what workouts or exercises or programe to do and how many times for how long 😄

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    You can't.


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      Hi amrm0hamad and welcome to the Hive
      As J3ster mentioned, you can't-- lose/ burn fat in specific areas.
      There are no specific exercises/ workouts that burn fat in certain areas as you mentioned, but,
      by sticking to a healthy diet and workout routine-- eventually, the pounds will come off.

      Good luck! ..you got this


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        J3ster & Ranger thanks for your answers . what workouts shall i do??


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          Hiit/cardio will burn the most calories. Strength training will put muscles under the fat to peek out as you go down. Depending on your fitness level, start with something like foundation (can't hurt to start there anyway to bulid habit, you can add totals or total abs to it if you want more to do) or cardio trim/cardio trim run. 30 days of change could be good, also, it is a mix of strength/cardio.

          look over the nutrition/meal plans part of the site tho. Controlling your diet is the most important part of fat loss.


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            Diet is key, the right diet will make you lose fat, you definitely want that so do put effort into your food.

            But you also want nice-looking muscles once the fat is down and for that you need to remember that the best workout regime is the one you stick to.
            Try out the Workout of the Day for a while, do a few Daily Dares, maybe try the monthly challenge.
            Or you can pick a program right away, there's a handy list that will help you pick a program at your difficulty level.
            Find out what you like doing, maybe you have some dumbbells sitting around that you would like to put to more use, in that case you could do the Ironborn program.