Choice Of Meal Plan For 30 Days Of HIIT Advanced

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    Choice Of Meal Plan For 30 Days Of HIIT Advanced

    Greetings, I have just recently joined Darebee and The Hive and I am looking forward to many burpees (based on the memes) in days to come.

    My question, however, is in regards to the 30 Days Of HIIT Advanced Programme which I have started, having completed Day 2 today.

    I am wondering whether the Ab Diet or the 1&1 Diet would be more appropriate as part of the nutritional aspect to accompany this Programme.

    My main aim is weight loss, with less emphasis on weight/muscle gain. Judging by the description on each diet's page, it seems that the 1&1 Diet is more appropriate for weight loss, whereas the Ab Diet is more appropriate for muscle tone.

    In hindsight, I should have inquired about this before embarking on this Programme, but alas, I had forgotten.

    My thanks in advance for any and all advice based on science and/or personal experience/choice.

    The 1&1 diet is a diet, if that makes any sense at all From my understanding, the Ab diet is designed to be done for a short period of time to melt away fat from abs specifically, like to expose a six pack if that's your remaining trouble area. If you're looking for overall weight loss I think the first would be more effective and sustainable for a longer period of time.