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    Questions about my daily workout

    Hi everyone!

    I started with Darebee's exercises about 10 days ago and its really nice Physically im fine. There is no problem in doing exercise. I'm 18 years old

    I started "30 Days of gravity" program, I'm at day 8. In addition to this i do the "Workout of the day" and the "Daile Dare". I want to avoid overtraining the same part, in case if my day in the program its the same body part than in the "Workout of the Day"

    Do you recommend doing the program and WOD without problem?

    Another thing, how many times per week i should do abs?



    This MIGHT help you (even tho i hadnt watched it, the source is good)


      Welcome to the Hive mumes
      It's great to have you here and it sounds like you're doing great! Regarding overtraining the only one to answer your question is you, really. Everyone responds differently to training and performs on a different level. Make sure to listen to your body and don't be afraid to step down a notch if you feel it's getting too much. It might take a while and a little tweaking and tuning to find the pace and intensity that works for you

      Training abs is the same thing. You don't have to but you can train abs pretty much everyday. A lot of body weight exercises do involve the core anyway so you got some ab-involvement right there, but if you want to - and again: listen to your body - you can throw in an ab workout too

      I hope this helps and have fun with your training!


        Remember to prioritise.
        For me the program would be most important so I would do that first, then the daily dare and then the workout of the day, so in case you reach your limit you can still cross off the program day and the DD.


          Another random guy TheRaven Noen Thanks a lot! All answers were useful