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  • Bcaa v glutamine

    Hi folks just a simple Question which is better BCAA or GLUTAMINE I currently have both supplements and not sure which to use and best way of using them.

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    Well you don't need any supplements unless you are deficient in something.
    Be careful not to neglect your diet, hoping to rectify it with supplements.


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      Glutamine is good for long term use to help with keeping your joints going nice and strong. BCAAs are better for use in muscle protection and repair. If you have a hard endurance workout coming up take some BCAAs before you start and they will help your muscles go longer with less tearing, if you have a heavy lift day or hard HIIT take them after to help with repair.

      Like Noen said you don't have to take either with a good diet but early studies have shown some promise. Also on that note most of the results aren't backed up with a lot of research because there just hasn't been a lot of long term research yet but it is getting there.

      I take BCAAs off and on depending on the workout but not as an everyday thing, I also take creatine which you can look into if you want as it has a lot of research to back up its results. Creatine helps your muscles retain more water and can really help with muscle growth, protection, and repair.


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        I have used both as well and can tell you that both are good for recovery but if I had to choose one over the other, I would choose BCAAs simply because it is more complete. I think more importantly though, L-Leucine or HMB is even better as they seem to have a lot of promise for muscle repair/growth and fighting muscle deterioration.

        I take HMB now with my protein and I have had pretty good result from it. I seem to be growing a bit faster and it feels like recovery is a smidge better than compared to other choices.

        I too also take creatine, some pre-workout stuff (magic powder in a can), a multi-V, a sleep supplement (Crash by Pro Supps), and some extra GABA. Tho I do cycle the GABA.


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          Thanks guys