Need help picking a program during fasting

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  • Need help picking a program during fasting

    So in a month Ramandan starts where I dont eat or drink for about 15hrs or so. I need help picking a program during that month. Right now I am on first week of cardio trim plus spartan trials.

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    I have been fasting 16h (9pm to 1pm) a day for a long time and I dont think it matters that much what you do.
    I like to have coffe before working out (kinda energy boost) and I make sure to have a post workout meal right after or in the next 1-2h.
    You can also workout later between meals.


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      The main problem from my point of view is not so much the not eating, but the no drinking part. I'd avoid anything that makes you sweat excessively during training and try to time training shortly before you might eat and drink again if possible. So I'd rather choose something strength oriented instead of cardio oriented. 30 days of gravity, strength protocol etc. might be the right thing to do during ramadan


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        I think the best solution would be to either allow yourself to drink during the day or do your training between sundown and sunrise.Eating is not so much of a problem as long as you don´t train excessively, but drinking.

        And watch your calorie intake. A lot of muslims gain weight during Ramadan because they eat far too much with fast breaking at night. That is also very unhealthy together with dehydration during the day.


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          As far as I'm aware, the main problem with Ramadan and working out isn't the lack of food - it's the water.
          I guess there are two ways to work around this, depending on your personal schedule and possibilities.
          Either choose lighter workouts which won't dehydrate you too much, or work out in the evening, shortly before sunset, so you can eat and drink shortly afterwards. I guess the second option is the most beneficial.

          I hope this helps, farozan !


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            I would agree with both Fallback and Redline. I also fast and have been for almost 2 years and I workout fasted. While it took some getting used to I have run into anything yet that should be restricted by fasting. The hydration part should be watched though. Good luck.


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              Redline: Thats what I was thinking also working out in the evening but the problem is I have to pray during that time. That leave me with choosing a light workout during the day. Any suggestion?

              Azercord: Since you have experience in fasting and working out do you have suggestions as to which program I should pick?

              Fallback: The only problem is that I cant eat food or drink water when I am fasting which means I cant have food or water before and after my workout


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                BusyBumbleBee Thank you I think thats what I am going to do something strength oriented.

                Ulli So true I was one of those people. I recently learned to control and watch my calories intake.


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                  I understand. Well, if you're looking for light workouts, the Foundation program is probably your best bet. It is well balanced and shouldn't bring you into the sweat zone too quickly.


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                    I would suggest foundation if you want structure, or just search for beginner level strength and tone workouts using the filters (maybe rotate upper body/lower body/abs to make your own program here). IF you are already fairly fit, and have dumbells, iron born may work as well just bc the workouts are all short. (Altho you obviously will not get as much effect w muscle building if you can't cram enough protein in during your eating window.) You could also do a long leisurely walk/bike ride (unless it is hot enough outside that you'll be sweating).

                    Question much of a morning person are you/how long do morning prayers take etc? Could you be up long enough before sunrise to do a hiit workout, eat, and rehydrate in time?


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                      You should start to fast from 11AM to 19 PM 4-5 days before Ramadan to slowly accustom your body.

                      During Ramadan watch your daily calorie intake and your macros. It will need organization but It will avoid to lose too much muscle mass and to keep energy. Fruits and veggies juices, avoid pastries .

                      For your training I suggest you to do short full body or half body workouts with long rest (2min). No long cardio workout. You should find what you need in the Workout Section

                      If you can, do your workout after sunset. Eat a snack (dates, milk, soup, whey), train, eat your meal.