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  • 2,500 calories

    So today i have reached 1,702 calories with 160 grams of carbs and 95 grams of protein. I still have dinner waiting at home for after work. That will take me up to about 2,000 calories. I know to much protein can be bad and i calculated i should get about 105 grams a day. is it ok I go over that limit by a little bit? how should i get them last 500 calories with little to no protein?

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    Where did you get 2500 as a goal? Generically or did you do the math etc? A little over protein is not dangerous, btw. Protein math is wildly different depending which bit of bro science you believe. Ive read reputable sources claiming everything from 0.5g per kilo of lean mass to 2g per lb of total mass, lol.


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      'rin im a tiny guy at 132lbs so i took 2,500 as a way to bulk myself up but I also do calisthenics so im trying to stay kind of small. My goal is to reach about 145lbs or so. I want a shredded body with massive strength to weight ratio.


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        If you are trying to bulk w out gaining a lot of fat, carbs are prolly more dangerous then protien to get extras.


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          First you need to calculate your basal metabolic rate. You should easily find online calculator.

          For example you weight 60kg and you need 2500kcal to bulk

          ~2g of protein per kilogram bodyweight ~120g ~480kcal
          ~1g of fat per kilogram bodyweight ~60g ~540kcal

          The rest in carbs
          480 + 540 = 1020kcal 2500 - 1020 = 1480kcal
          ~6g of carbs per kilogram bodyweight ~370g ~1480kcal

          It is just an example you will have to calculate it by yourself.

          Fat and protein will stay the same, if you want to cut/bulk modify your carbs.

          If you eat more, increase slowly the quantity.


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            Definitely calculate your BMR and TDEE (BMR + what you burn during the day). As an example I'm 170lbs to maintain weight with my current activity level I eat around 3000 calories a day. I also consume between 180-240g of protein a day (and have for years) with no issues. To make protein toxic you have to eat incredible amounts so don't worry about that one.


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              You have to eat a LOT of protein for a prolonged period of time to cause any major damage. So going a little over each day isn't that big a deal, especially if you're young and otherwise healthy.

              Keep eating, keep training, and keep an eye on your urine. Proteins are big molecules broken down by the kidneys, so the first signs of major problems would be changes in your urine. Also, it's recommended to try and keep protein intake to 30g at a time spaced apart by at least a couple hours. The excess can't be easily metabolized and can be stored as fat - the opposite of your goals. Again, it's not a strict number, so don't fret if you go above it, but just a general rule of thumb.

              Good luck!