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    Hey guys!

    I'm on the last week of Cardio Trim, so I start thinking about the next program.

    I'm more or less stisfied with my weight - around 64 kg. I'd love to make it 60kg, that would have been ideal, but 64 is already good and pretty stable, so losing weight is not crucial.
    Things I'm not satisfied with are triceps and a small belly bulge that just won't go. So I though I should probably concentrate on the muscles tone and relief but I still want to continue doing some overall fitness thing just to make sure the kilos have the possibility to go if the want.

    Here are my variants :
    1/ 30 days of Gravity + Strength Protocol
    2/ Ironborn + Athena's playbook
    3/ Power Cardio

    My favourite option for now is number 2. What do you think?
    I'll be grateful for any opinion!

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    I believe K e l l y can delve pretty deeply into your current favorite (or favourite), as she has done both programs.

    My thought, based on your stated goals, is Power Cardio would be your friend, though I also think LeicaEnergizer would be able to provide a better recommendation for or against that belief.


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      Whatever program you pick, you should add stuff. Like i do, im doing Strength Protocol, which divides workouts in Shoulders, chest and triceps/back and bíceps/legs/abs. But i feel like im able to do more. So I scheduled this:

      Shoulders, chest, triceps + HIIT workout
      Back and biceps + Abs workout
      Legs + Planche prep workout + chest
      Abs + Upper back and bíceps

      if you are able to, go for it i would say. but as you can see, I leave at least 1 day of rest for each muscle group. And btw, rests can be good sometimes. Once or twice a week, with some light excercises (flexibility, yoga, cycling, light running...)

      Good luck ​​


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        If you're determined to double up, do IRONBORN and Athena. Gravity was an awesome program but SP is difficulty four and it seems madness to try to pair it with something else...There are a few add ons (Abs and Totals) but beyond that, doubling up will just rob your strength/endurance from one workout to feed another.


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          I should disclaim. I doubled Abs with Pandora, Totals with IRONBORN, and honestly Athena was so short I started 90 Days of Action before I finished. But programs like SP, Power Cardio, etc don't need an add on program. They're hard. What level did you compete HIIT on most days?


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            I'm not sure if I'm in any position to give advice since I'm relatively new to Darebee, but I definitely vote for focusing on one program (and doing it on the highest level possible), and if you absolutely must add something (in which case my hat's off to your ftiness capabilities), then let it be an add-on program or a challenge, then it's easier not to overtrain. A program is designed specifically to not overtrain and keep balance between harder and lighter days and to increase the load gradually, so one might not be able to handle the final days of two programs and give it their best, as the workouts will both be way harder than the first ones.

            P.S. I subscribed to your check-in thread. Loving your body is an amazing goal, plus we're from the same city.


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              If you want to do Ironborn i would say: go for it but go hard! I would not suggest another strength/trim oriented program in addition. Your muscles need their recovery time. E.g. if you do Chest,Shoulder,Triceps in Ironborn and on the next Day in your additional program lots of Pushups and planks there won't be any real recovery time for these muscles. Also if eventually the Abs days of both programs happen to be on the same day you have a problem.
              I hope this answer helps a bit.


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                I figured out that doing two programs at the same time brings up exact two problems. At least for me.
                First of all, what Aydanne already said, the difficulty of each program increase with every day. So in the first week or maybe still in the second it feels like there's a lot of room for doing a second - or even third and fourth program like I did in the beginning. But later on, it gets crucial. And it will take much more time. I went with 70 to 90minutes with 2 programs and 3 (small) challenges! Every. Single. Day.
                Second thing is, like Nebulus mentioned, the recovery days and muscle groups won't go parallel. I never had the rest days of both programs at the same day which is really bad for your muscles and your mental also.

                So over all my recommandation would be not to do two programs at the same time. Even though a couple of members do so (even I, but I added Age of Pandora with an "easy" program, foundation), the programs are meant to be done single. (Make this sentence sense? oO" - They should be done without additional programs.) That's how they were designed and developes.
                That doesn't mean it's a fix rule. But a stronly recommandation


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                  Hi, fellow townsman So, guys here already covered pretty everything, but I'll also agree that adding smth to PC or SP would not be a good idea unless you're very-very-very fit (like Azercord). They will be more than enough, trust me) After finishing Cardio Trim, I suppose, you'll me ready for PC, for level 1 for sure - and I also think you'll like it because it was designed to give exactly what you need - toned muscles, shed kilos. SP can be your next step for greater muscle definition. Anyway, keep us updated in your check-in thread!


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                    Thank you so much, guys!

                    K e l l y I did HIIT on level 2 generally and same is for Cardio Trim now.

                    ​​​​​​And just as Another random guy put it, I combine(d) both programs with some extras - abs, planks or triceps workouts + added 10 minutes of hoola hoop to Cardio trim every day.

                    Speaking of Ironborn, how heavy should the dumbbells be? It's written 5 kilos but I think it's too much. I did regular triceps workouts with 1 kilo dumbbells but now that's not challenging at all. So I'm between 2 and 3 kilos now and cannot really decide. I mean how challenginng is it supposed to be? K e l l y Nebulus ? How to pick? I shouldn't feel I'm loosing my arms after every workout, right?
                    Aydanne LeicaEnergizer privet!


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                      Well, I used 10 lbs because it was the heaviest I had, but did lower to 7 lbs on some of the exercises. I think the general rule of thumb was a weight that you could do 20 alternating bicep curls with. You should be at or close to failure on every set.


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                        I would strongly suggest getting adjustable dumbbells. This way you can scale the weight as you progress and go up or down with the weight depending on the muscle groups you're working.
                        For example, you can move a lot more weight with weighted squats compared to lateral raises (shoulder exercise).
                        Regarding the weight i would pick it such that you barely can do the requested reps. The last reps should always be a bit of a struggle. Just experiment with the weight during the first week of Ironborn, you'll get a feeling for the "right" weight pretty soon.


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                          Svenia I might be a bit late to the discussion but if you are looking at some good tone in the mid section and a push to your triceps I would throw my suggestion to Power Cardio and then add in the burpee challenge (the 50 or the 100 one) with full burpees instead of just basic one. I did those two together last month and it rocked my world (so may burpees) and on the plus side you can use the challenge days to keep up some of your running.

                          I just found it as a nice combo of full body workout (PC and 100 burpees) that still allowed me to run 80 miles that month.


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                            Azercord Nebulus K e l l y thanks, guys!