5 minute Plan Workout + HIIT + AB Meal

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    5 minute Plan Workout + HIIT + AB Meal

    Hello Everyone!

    I just created an account to ask some questions. I'm doing 5 minute Plan Workout since a month everyday before breakfast (Mostly because after work I'm too tired/no motivation/addition fat loss). So I choose HIIT to complement routine and take the AB Meal.

    1) Is something wrong combine 5 minute Plan Workout with HIIT everyday?
    2) It's OK to do it before eating breakfast?
    3) I don't get AB Meal, what is the schedule for meals? Any rules? Can I modify it? Mostly because at work I can't prepared the meals. Replacing it with fruits.

    Thanks in advance, I was looking in other threads but I didn't found the answers I needed.

    Welcome tho the hive vtrmljgedaaa. Feel free to stick around.
    Now, to your questions.

    1) Doing HIIT everyday is not the best idea, because you will overload your muscles very fast and your performance will drop significantly. You should include at leas a day of active rest (light cardio/stretching) after every workout. Now, if you're talking about Micro-HIIT challenge, then it's perfectly okay.
    2) It's totally fine to exercise before breakfast. As a matter of fact, exercising before breakfast helps you to burn fat better, which will help you with definition.
    3) As long as you're eating healthy, whole foods - feel free to eat anything.

    Good luck with your training.