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    Modifying Workouts

    Hi, all. I wanted to get a sense of how Darebee categorizes it's workouts in terms of the difficulty level. So, if I took Power Circuit, for instance, and made the pushups go to failure and substituted chins to failure for the punches, would that push the workout to a lvl 4?

    Hi there.

    The workouts are categorized by levels, which essentially represent the level at which your physical abilities lie. Let's take the recent preparation workout:

    It's a Level V workout because you're expected to be fairly familiar (read: very familiar) with pull-ups, quite a challenging exercise per se, before you even attempt it. Now take the Power Circuit:

    It's a Level III workout since everyone who's fairly fit, even if not exceptionally so, can attempt it.

    Since chin-ups are more advanced exercises, and going to failure with push-ups would certainly make it more difficult, and thus - less accessible to those not prepared enough, it would push it to Level IV, no doubt.

    However, every workout you see here is not just the sum of the exercises it includes. The exercises get carefully picked so as to ensure that there is a good flow and that different muscle groups get stressed in a way to maximise the benefit, which varies, depending on the type of the workout. Workouts aimed at cardiovascular development must have one type of focus, those aimed at strength and muscle growth must have another one. If you don't have sufficient experience and understanding of how human body works and which exercises coupled together work on what, you might come up with a workout that does more harm than good.

    That is why, if you believe that you're "above" some workout of the Level III, you should try one with Level IV, not modify the already existing, tested and approved in terms of benefits Level III workout.