30 Day Programs and regular training schedule.

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    30 Day Programs and regular training schedule.

    This...is a complicated one.

    I'm in good enough shape to attempt Military Fit. The thing is I have regular martial arts practice three times a week, and at the end of those we do intense exercises. Especially on the third training of the week, where we don't practice fighting, just grueling physical fitness for the whole hour.

    My question is: Is it ok to postpone a day of training from Military Fit when I have intense days in my martial arts class? E.g. Say I am on day 15, but it's a Friday so that evening's martial arts class is going to be hell. Is it ok to do day 15 tomorrow, to avoid over training on Friday?

    I think that's absolutely fine- it's not like you're skipping to have an extra rest day, and you really don't want to overtrain. It'll just take longer to complete your program

    Edit: I postpone program days when I've done my martial arts training or competed in an intense event


      JordanSR Thanks so much for a fast reply!

      I thought so as well, it's not a rest day and it's done to avoid over training.

      Perfect, I'm starting first thing tomorrow morning!