Fighter's Codex with punching pads?

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  • Fighter's Codex with punching pads?

    Hey ho!

    I'm in the middle of the Fighter's Codex right now and really, really love it! In fact I'm no Fighter at all. Actually I do hate fights and I'm kind of a pacifist.
    However, I love the punching sequences but have small issues with my elbow and shoulder joints while punching the air. Due to this I can't punch all-out, to avoid a hurting shoulder. (I had/have an impingement syndrome) So my idea was to mount a punching pad to a wall, so I can punch without the "spring effect" in shoulder and elbow. BUT the offering is too confusing and I have no idea which one fits the most my needs or is "the best". I thought maybe someone else has some experience with punching pads and could give me some advice?
    Thank you!