Bars addon: how do I do chins HERE?

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    Bars addon: how do I do chins HERE?


    Today I finished military fit and god damn its though. But tomorrow im starting Strength protocol, and i wsnt to do the bars addon, but i actually do "bars" here: because 1- i dont have a bar 2- when i tried i couldnt do 1 normal PU. I lost my bĂ­ceps Strength and im recovering, but i domt know how to do chin ups there :cc

    Chin ups: grab the bar about shoulder width apart, with an underhand grip. Pull yourself until you hit the top of your range of motion. Go down, repeat as many times as you can.

    Put a pad down on top of that edge of wood. Don't break your forearm. Your motion may be skewed a little but I don't think it will hurt you long term. If it don't work, you can use a table and do Aussie rows.