30 days of strength, question about the pull-up part

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  • 30 days of strength, question about the pull-up part

    Hi Darebees, I wanted to know if i can delayed the pull-up part which is part-2 to the night. which means that there will be a gap like 8 hours or more between part1 and part2, only in pull-up days.
    and the reasons is I can only find it in the gym, so I'll have to go to the gym to do part 2 :3

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    That's perfectly fine


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      Damer TheRaven what do you think?


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        I guess if there is no other way, there is no other way iNTEl


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          That's exactly my problem with the bars. I only have access to them a few times per week. What I do instead is one handed doorframe row (like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eYJiQhptbY but I usually keep one feet up, the other one inside the room I'm not, so it becomes harder) and hit the bars when I can. You can even put a backpack to your back to increase difficulty, making sure your back is straight when you do.

          I guess I could do some tables/chair and broomsticks to do a properly row, but that would mess up with my room