Bodyweight 30 day program or daily workout routine

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    Bodyweight 30 day program or daily workout routine

    hello to all,

    i wanted to ask for your opinion.

    Is it better, for muscle growth, to do one of the programs (for example Strenght Protocol), or to do daily full body workout for example (Shepard workout) or you think something better?

    i prefer no equipment workouts.

    Thank you all in advance.

    In my opinion the programs are the best way to go for beginners. I also believe you shouldn't just do the same 1 card/routine as you'll quick get tired of it or your body will get used to it and you won't see much progress.

    If you really want to do your own exercises/routine/cards, maybe try a training plan:


      What AthiestTemplar said. You'll get tired of doing the same workout day by day, you body will adapt to it and your muscles will stop growing, and if they grow at all with just one workout, and without sufficient rest, already incorporated in programs, you won't allow your muscles to grow, thus you're likely not to see any growth at all.

      If your goal is muscle mass, and you're quite fit already, go for Strength Protocol. It was specifically designed for it. If not, start with an easier program, such as Spartan Trials or 30 Days of Strength.

      Alternatively, as the Templar mentioned, you could pick your own workouts to fill one of the Training Plans. If you like picking your own workouts yourself, consider this option. With a training plan, you don't have to worry about overtraining - as the rest is already incorporated in the regular structure of it. Just pick the workouts you love or want to give a try to the most, and go for it.

      Whatever you choose, make sure you get enough protein. Otherwise you won't have enough building material for your muscles to grow.


        Thanks for the replies, i found that Spartan Trials is very good, just one more thing, should i workout daily or take rest days?


          All the programs are designed so that you can do them on a daily basis. "Rest days" are included - not in the classical sense of rest, thought, there are lighter days that work as active recovery

          If you need more rest however, you can always take an extra day to regain your energy