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    Hi All

    I am absolutely new to training and a medical condition prompted me to look out for fitness. I am 39 (female) and have always been petite, weight around 50-53 kgs, 5'3". I came across Darebee and I started the Foundation program. I did not lose any weight ( I had put on 5 kgs), but I could see my body being toned up and lost an inch or two. Moved to 30 days of HIIT and am almost towards the end of that now. I also started running ( Walking to running program and then now doing the The Long Run Program- also towards the end of it). I could not run even for a minute when I started out, today I ran 5 kms in 30 min, so that's a huge achievement for me. I feel much fitter, lost a few inches (though have to lose more) and feel more energetic
    I am doing the HIIT (around 15-20 min each day) and running (depending on the program) everyday.
    A week back, I had this terrible feeling that my body is giving up on me, I felt totally exhausted and out of energy to even move !!
    So I took 2 days rest and resumed.
    My question is : 1. Why did I suddenly feel exhausted? How do I avoid this?
    2. I lost 2-3 inches in 2.5 months but now I feel my body is not responding that much as before. Am I doing something wrong?
    3. I do 20 pushups (modified on knees) and 20 crunches and 20 sit ups everyday, is that ok or do I give a gap?

    Am really sorry for such a loong post, but I do not have anyone to ask and any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance !!

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    It doesn't sound like you are over training; exhausted feeling may have been your body fighting off some virus.
    Bodies like to be efficient so plateaus do happen. Have you changed up your diet at all in this process? If not, and if you want to drop more inches, look at your diet. You may have hit the edge of what you can accomplish w exercise alone.

    That does not sound like too much at all for a daily wakeup set. But, why not put a leg component in? Replace one of your abs things w squats/lunges/calf raises imho.


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      Thanks for your quick response !
      Thinking of it, I did eat more on those 2-3 days with some dessert and cola thrown in.
      I must re look at my diet.
      Will put in a leg component as you suggested.


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        If you're fairly petite, there might not be much to lose. So indeed, maybe you've adapted and hit your first plateau. There's nothing wrong with that at all, since you've achieved quite a bit! Good job!

        When I was teaching kung-fu, I also hit an overtraining point. I was so tired. I could barely work, and the simplest of workouts was pain. I looked at my calories, and found I was woefully UNDER nourishing myself. The result was that my body was eating my tendons/muscles and storing fat to preserve itself. Eating healthy (instead of an entire pizza, my cheat meal of choice....) might help. Or you could just be fighting something off like 'Rin point out.

        Remember that permanent change takes time. You're doing wonderful, so just be consistent and you will see great results. Don't forget to stretch too .


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          Hey- it does sound like you are doing a good job, so be proud of yourself. However, please note that since you are female, and new to training there are a few things you need to consider, such as hormones and the natural monthly cycle. Within the cycle the estrogen and the progesterone are both going to have an impact on energy levels. When my estrogen is high, I have lots of energy, but when the progesterone kicks in, the energy levels are depleted somewhat. Keeping a journal as to when the high energy days are is helpful. In addition, knowing where you are in the cycle is helpful too. From an athletic and training perspective, women need to know how their bodies work and what they can expect from them. Training hard consistently is hard, and tiredness is expected. However, the more you train the more in tune you will become as to what the difference is between being tired from training lots, compared to being tired due to hormones.

          In essence, keep going and continue to do the good work you are doing. Libraries have lots of books on this subject. Have fun learning more about yourself, and keep us updated. Training is so much fun, and pushing one self is a blast. Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!


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            With 1.60m and 53kg you are at a perfectly normal weight.
            You have already lost circumference by changing your fat into muscle, so there isn't much left to be lost.
            Reducing your food further would make you lighter... but it would not make you healthier.
            From a medical standpoint for a person with no illness I would say that losing volume should not be a priority at your height and weight.
            However for certain illnesses (like PCOS oddly enough) it is best to have as little fat as one can without dropping into the unhealthy range.
            I am afraid I do not know your health enough.

            But one tip always bears weight: If you train the big muscles in your body they will do some work for you. Glutes, abs, back, chest... those are hungry when developed.


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              Thanks guys, you've been wonderful and it feels like I have a bunch of mentors, feels really nice !!

              I guess I need to get into a bit more detail. I have always been petite but a year back I discovered I have hypothyroidism. I gained 5 kgs in no time and my waist became 34 inches from 27 inches all of a sudden, all clothes stopped fitting me You can imagine my state.
              I did not want to join the gym as most of the gyms are about making money and also I do not have the time. I was struggling to turn to someone for advice when I came across Darebee. I have been consistently working out 5-6 days a week in addition to running almost 6 days a week for the past 2.5 months.
              As I mentioned before, I do feel fitter, waist is now 31-32 inches after 2.5 months of training. But my goal is to attain my previous weight and body frame. I do not see that happening. Am I being too impatient? Or given my medical condition, is this something I can never achieve?
              Also, I happened to weigh myself today. Instead of losing weight, I am around 60 kgs now. So---- I had always been 52 kgs, became 57 kgs after thyroid and after 2.5 months of workout, am almost 60 kgs!! I AM REALLY DEPRESSED, and feeling de motivated today. Am I doing something wrong?? All of you seem to be saying I'm making good progress, is it really so? But then why the increased weight?


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                I would like you to look at this picture.
                You have probably never trained this hard in your life, so all of a sudden you're growing sexy muscles everywhere and they do weigh quite a bit.


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                  You are so so right ! Forget about training hard, I have NEVER trained in my life before. Feeling better already
                  Thanks so much !


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                    Originally posted by Noen View Post
                    so all of a sudden you're growing sexy muscles everywhere and they do weigh quite a bit.
                    Yeah, muscles are sexy!
                    What was it?...

                    Ah, yes. What matters in looking fit is not your weight but your muscle-to-fat ratio. So the question is then not how much you weigh, but rather do you like the way your body looks? If not - find out what specifically needs correcting and how and change that. Work off your visual perception of yourself, not some numbers on whatever.

                    Good luck with your goals.


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                      Hello guys, am back !! And this time fitter n stronger. Reduced a bit of weight,toned up n lost a few inches as well so am glad. My work out has taken a back seat and am more into running now (working out actually laid the foundation for my fitness journey)
                      The issue is, due to a new job and no time, am only running 2-3 times a week (around 10 kms a week). Of late, I've noticed that my left knee hurts (the top part), not really when I'm running but when I'm sitting for a long time and get up or when I go down the stairs. Is this something to worry about? How can I fix this?
                      Please help!!


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                        With something like that (while I'm not a doctor and if it gets too bad you should see one) I would look at two areas. The first being your shoes: Are they worn out? Do they fit right? The second is are you stretching: Tight hips or hamstrings or calves or....anything really can throw off your gait and the knee tend to be the first to speak up. Stretching and rolling are your friends.

                        I also would recommend reading "Anatomy for Runners". Easy to find at a library or the like and it is a great read if you are looking into running more/further.


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                          Does your knww hurt when you go downhill?
                          Because then it might be a patella issue.
                          If the problem persists for more than two weeks you should see a doctor.
                          Knee problems should not be left alone, kness are delicate.

                          But if he suggests arthroscopic knee surgery just say no; everything else from a doctor is probably sound advice for your knee.


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                            Describe "top part" it in bone or muscle (on the knee cap or just above it?

                            Also describe your pain. Sharp, dull, minor, intense?

                            How does it feel when you do squats?


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                              Thanks for your response guys! Really appreciate..
                              I don't feel any pain while running, exercising, doing squats, etc. It's only when I sit for a long time and then get up that I feel a sharp pain. It is in the bone I think, inner side of knee cap, not sure if I'm describing it correctly.