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  • roadtrip/ offroad adventure food/exercise ideas

    Later this year, the hubby and I are taking the jeep cross country (MD to CA and back again, 3000+ mi one way, for the geographically challenged) for touristy/off-roading trails. I know we are off-roading in CA, UT, and CO for sure. There will be some mix of hotels, camping, KOA campgrounds. We will have a cooler and will plan to restock on as needed basis, but would rather not eat out every meal or just eat snack food. Oh yeah, we plan on buying some sort of camp stove before then, but really haven't done any research as to types or sizes. As for exercise, when we are more out west there will be some go day hikes around assorted parks. Any food/meal ideas or exercise ideas? Even though the trip is still just under 6 months out, I'm thinking about food stuff now, in order to try new recipes and to plan ahead for packaging.
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    For your hiking trips:
    - Homemade Protein Bars or Breakfast Bars
    - Homemade bread which contains nuts and fruits: Maybe this recipe helps?
    - Trail mix
    - Do you have those 250ml packs of vegan milk alternatives (almond milk etc.) in the US, or small packs of coconut milk? Then you can have Homemade Muesli!


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      As for exercise, take DareBee with you! Print out some workouts and execute them in different places or try to correspond themes to locations! Hike, swim, run on trails....go rock climbing! Being outside the options are endless! I know when my family and I set out in our RV later this year I'm definitely gonna continue with DareBee! As for food....hit up local fruit farms, veggie/garden stands at Farmer's Markets and enjoy the bounty of natural and fresh foods! Nuts will store well, as will canned meats like tuna. Use protein powder mixed with water or coconut water. Get shelf stable milk (parmalat), make your own dehydrated/dried fruits/veggies at home, beef jerkey, keep cubes of cheese in cooler, go fishing and eat your catch, peanut butter and flax crackers, premake smoothies and bag and freeze them then toss in cooler for refreshment.....endless ideas! Just be creative!

      And soup! Make your own veggie soup....could even cook over campfire!


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        Oooh I love road trips. And you can eat super healthy with a campfire and a cooler. Two words: hobo packs. If you aren't familiar, hobo packs are easy. You take a piece of heavy duty tin foil and make a packet. Fill it with vegetables, lean good meat, herbs, salt+pepper and oil. Throw that baby on the campfire. Wait. Then you open it up and you have fresh veggies and meat and a full meal. Really easy, really really tasty. Camping stoves are good to have too. Some places you may not want to make a fire, or just don't have the time.

        More tips: stop by farm stands and pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. These should be all over the place, depending where you are. Do include healthy snacks. Also, allow yourself to go out to eat, but plan it. If you want to get a frito pie in Texas, plan it. Look up restaurants in advance, so you know you are spending your calories for super delicious stuff. But be adventurous as well.

        What route are you planning? Southwest? Northern or Southern California? You and your husband are going to have so much fun.


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          madeline My one concern with the idea of hobo packs, and I've thought about them, is making sure the meat stays cold. We'll be traveling in September with temperature averages ranging from mid to upper 80's down to mid 30's, largely dependent on altitude. I really don't want to deal with stomach ick while traveling if at preventable.

          As for route, not quite sure yet, but Northern California (near Lake Tahoe) first, likely check out Yosemite/Death Valley some. Heading back will through Moab UT and SW (near Telluride) Colorado back to Moab for a few days (meeting up with others who planned CO first then UT), stop in Southern Illinois at my mom's and back to Maryland.


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            Two suggestions: First, you will probably want to go shopping fairly often, and buy food every few days. Second, a cooler restocked often with ice from gas stations each day really stays quite cool. If you're worried, I would do this: Buy food for 3 days. Day 1: Steak or other raw meat. Cook that the same day you buy it. Day 2: Cook some pre-cooked meat you'd bought the day before. Most chicken sausage is completely pre-cooked. Day 3: Eat vegetarian. Beans and veggies. Day 4: Go out to eat/stock back up.

            Tahoe area is awesome. So, so beautiful. If you have time, Id also suggest checking out the coast. Northern California has a crazy beautiful coast line. If not though, you still will see so many beautiful places from the sounds of things.


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              For road trips I would recommend some of what wikipedia calls home canning, bottling, putting up or processing (I am not a native English speaker so I am unsure which of these words you would recognize to mean what I mean).
              Vegetable stews, saucy pans, gulasch, chowder, there are so many things you could put into pickle jars and then combine with a fresh loaf of bread from a local bakery on one of your stops.


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                We have some likely plans of getting over to the Pacific coast (maybe Bodega Bay area or some crazy plan involving Oregon my husband is concocting), but haven't figured out more details. Bodega Bay area/Point Reyes has an advantage of only 3-4 hours from where we will be near Tahoe and then we'll have taken the jeep coast to coast within a month. Do you have any suggestions to any specific Northern CA coast area?

                Heck on that note, any other suggestions for places to visit/ go offroading near(ish) Tahoe, Moab or Telluride? We will have unscheduled time to investigate and be tourists and just do whatever sounds good to us.

                Noen I hadn't thought of home canning(I'm familiar with all of those terms btw, although processing might been rather vague) things like soups, stews, etc. I had planned on setting up/buying portion-controlled packages for some of the snacky types of foods, otherwise we'll both just mindlessly munch.


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                  Arcata or Trinidad for some great northern CA redwoods and beach!


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                    Point Reyes is great. Basically all of marin county is amazing. i've driven the coast from there to oregon and it was all great. Big Sur is probably the most impressive, but it may be too far south.