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    Workout help

    Hey guys!

    I don't know if i'm in the right topic but i need some help!

    I love this site and this workouts but i don't have a lot of time through the day that i can stop and do some workout. I have like 30min in the morning every day.

    My wish was to tone up my upper body and then the core.

    So my question is... is there any workout that is good to tone up but does not need a lot of time in the day?

    Feel free to give some advice, i'll apreciate it

    Thanks for your time!


    80% of the workouts here take less than 30min to complete (at least at lvl1 or 2), so, you have a lot of choice !

    Oh.. and.. welcome.


      Oh really? i tried once one and it take me about and hour to do xD and from the exercises it looks like it takes more time.

      I really wanted to know if there was any workout especific to my situation but since they don't take too long, anyone is good

      Do you recommend any?


        Welcome to the Hive!

        Try for example the Combat HIIT program - it takes max. 30 minutes a day.

        But other than that I second what Clouclou said, most workouts on here are doable in 30 minutes.


          If you have very little time HIIT may be the best solution. For example 30 days of HIIT (10min at LVL1, 20min at LVL2, 30min at LVL3).

          Otherwise I would suggest 30 Days of gravity, 30 Days of Strength or Spartan Trials (with some days at LVL1, because LVL2 and LVL3 would take too much time).


            The best kind of workouts to streamline when you haven't enough time is HIIT.
            For example this workout will take you anywhere from 8.5 to 29.5 minutes to complete depending on your level and rest times.
            Just go to Workout page and check HIIT/interval training in the checkbox selector on the right.
            You can also try HIIT programs like 30 Days of HIIT / Advanced.
            As an added benefit you won't have to count reps.


              Welcome to the Hive.

              You can use the filter function for the workouts and select those specifically for your use case.
              Type = strength/tone
              Focus = upper body
              Difficulty = light+easy (those are usually the quickest and good for the start)

              This gives 20 Workouts where you can choose from freely.

              If you want to do a guided training the Combat HIIT program as mentioned by Knirin is a good option as well as the other HIIT programs (, The only downside -if the focus on the body region is really important- is, that those are for the full body.

              This brings me to another filter setting: Type = HIIT; all of these are timer based so you can choose from 93 workouts where you know how long they will take.

              Alternatively you can try to do the Totals Program. This is also not specifically upper body but the Totals approach allows you to split the exercises over the day so that you can use short breaks for a few reps.

              Hope this helps.

              damn, my typing took too long and most of my good advises have already been given


                Thanks a lot guys!

                I will check them for sure.

                Another question, should i pick a workout and do it every day or should i give some rest time or even put another workout in between?


                  If you want to use a custom training plan, you may look at this.


                    Ironborn is designed for 20 min per day.
                    2 days upperbody
                    1 day legs
                    1 day abs and core