Using Whey Protein As A Teen?

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  • Using Whey Protein As A Teen?

    I will start working out at a gym during the summer and was wondering if you would recommend using whey protein. I will have a good nutritional diet that does contain proteins from whole foods but do you think I should still use whey protein to supplement my diet?

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    I really dont recommend anyone start using supplements until at least 18. Especially for guys, since we dont really stop growing until sometimes into our 20s.

    That said, I think you would be ok if you kept it basic. No creatine or additional foo-foo junk.

    Keep your diet strong. Enjoy being a teenager. Master the movements.

    Also, since you have not started in a gym yet, I recommend you wait at least a month before starting some protein supplementation just to see if you even need it. This way you can save your money and find out what gaps you really need to fill nutritionally.

    Hope this helps!


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      I wouldn't recommend supplementation either, especially whey protein.
      Whey protein is popular because it has mildly anabolic properties. Translation: It messes with your body's natural development.
      Be careful with soy protein as well (or generally soy products like soy milk or tofu, if you want no cow's milk then try things like rice milk or almond milk). Soy has plant estrogens and they can also seriously mess with things.

      But do take this chance to practise your food preparation skills. Did you know peas, beans and many leafy vegetables have a bunch of protein in them? Did you know duck liver fills the daily iron requirement of a pregnant woman with just 50g? (So a man would need less.)
      Also "yeah, I can cook a perfect medium steak" are very attractive words coming from any mouth.
      Oh, and bananas, potassium is good for you.


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        Whey protein won't hurt you as long as it is 100% whey and doesn't have any "proprietary blend" to it. But like these two guys said you probably don't need it if you have a good diet going, maybe one scoop at most if you are feeling the need. Creatine is also fine but once again won't help you out a whole ton at your age. It will help your muscles retain water which is nice if you are doing workouts in a hot area or longer endurance things but beyond that I wouldn't worry about it. Either way it won't hurt you, it's cheap, and it don't have a taste (I take 2g a day in my coffee).

        Your call really but I would just suggest trying out your routine without changing/adding anything and then go from there. If you crave protein or you recovery starts to really slow then grab a small pack of whey protein and try it for a week and see how things go. If you are cramping up a lot and doing workouts that draw a good sweat then add in some creatine (2-5g) and fruit (watermelon/banana) and see how it goes.

        On a side note magnesium can also help with the prevention of cramping if you run into issues.


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          I'm with Azercord on this one... I don't think you would get a huge benefit from it - not because of the age, but because your diet is apparently balanced. You need lots of protein to build muscle, but if you're getting plenty from your diet - then it really doesn't do much.


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            There´s no need for it. Safe your money for things that are more usefull. actually- most probably you don´t need the gym either ;-)


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              You don't neet whey protein if you're starting now. Make sure you're eating enough protein from chicken and eggs (most people say about 1.2 - 1.7 grams of protein per kg of your lean mass) and good, slow-digesting carbs (search for those with low glycemic index) and you should load the same muscle mass you would with whey. You can start using it later on. It'll even be cheaper for you in the long run (at least where I live, becasue whey around here is too expensive).