Regarding the 15 Days of Fitness Challenge and Recovering from Injuries (+Venting)

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    Azercord, yeah bro I'm a literal walking mess of inflammation and joint paint, and I'm only 21, isn't that something? I've dealt with my bicep tendinitis for going on 9 months soon. My ankle pain turns out to be tendonopathy and plantar fasciitis which has lasted a good 6 months now. My left forearm is an unknown injury that's seen visible swelling for over a month now.

    It's just really frustrating because I'm not working out. I just do the daily dare every day, stretch, and foam roll. I throw in some light ab work and some pushups a few times a week and that's it. I don't quite understand what my body's deal is, but I'm trying to mitigate damage as much as possible right now.