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    Hey Everyone! Okay so I am once again asking more questions about my ankle. My ankle was sprained about a month ago, I had to wear a cast for about 3 weeks and it has been just a week that I have had without it. I was told by the doctor's office I go to, to start walking around with a brace and such for a while. So far it hasn't been going well. I do the foot stretches some of you on here had suggested as well, which has helped. But, my ankle is starting to swell again, a lot, and the muscles in my leg are killing me. I tried resting it, icing it, but its not really working. I honestly don't know what to do, any help?

    Oh also I started back yoga and I'm not sure if that might be the cause?

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    I twisted my ankle pretty badly this soccer season, and doing downward dog made it so much worse. The strain of pushing the heel down with my inflexible body was extremely painful for a while afterward. I don't know what would help you, I just waited my minor injury out. I realize this might not have been much help, but good luck.


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      HenryV Well hey thats something XD You were a great help, thank you.


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        Originally posted by SugarFree2017 View Post
        HenryV Well hey thats something XD You were a great help, thank you.
        Anytime. Hope you heal quick.


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          A nasty sprain can take a while to heal. There may even have been a tear of some sort to one of the ligaments. The swelling is most likely dependent since there was no new injury - meaning a result of being up and active, so the fluid drains to gravity. I would get an ace wrap - or some other elastic compression bandage - for support. Then rest and elevate it when you can, like at the end of the day at home.

          If things still aren't getting better, or seem worse, after 5-7 days, I'd say it's time to head back to the doctor.

          Good luck!